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Join the top 10% percent of income-earners.

Sell next-generation zero-cost payment processing solutions, and cloud hosting.

Career opportunity

Become an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) Representing Top Merchant Services Providers

  • Become a top 10% income earner.
  • Work from Home or Anywhere on the planet with a solid Internet connection.
  • Earn your share of a growing $6.6 trillion dollar, recession-proof Industry.
  • QUICK PAY. Fast-Start Bonuses

    Every independent sales agent who earns a commission selling something wants to get paid quickly. Earn generous fast-start bonuses equal to $250 USD and up to $500 USD on each activated sale.  Fast-start bonuses are paid out within 24 hours of approval and activation of a new account.

    Another benefit that comes with our fast-start bonus program is the ability to get paid on any type of approved and activated account. This includes retail storefront businesses in any industry sector, e-Commerce websites,  merchants accepting payments through mobile devices or tablets, or card-not-present Virtual Terminal transactions. 

    You have a third exciting income stream. Multi-location businesses. If a business has more than one location, you are paid a fast-start bonus for each individual location activated.

    In other words, if you are looking for a rock-solid career opportunity to earn upfront weekly cash while building up your monthly residual income…you found it. Welcome to the merchant transaction processing industry.


    Daily & Weekly Bonus Payouts for 2023


    Get paid faster than ever with daily approvals and activation bonuses of up to $600.00 paid on each new merchant sold. 


    Keep in mind that when a merchant has more than one location sign up for service, you earn that $600.00 bonus for each individual location. 


    12X to 14X Profitability Bonus

    Our parent payment processor looks at the profitability of each newly enrolled account after one full calendar month of processing. Based on the profitability of each newly enrolled client, you are then paid 14 times the projected monthly profitability on all PayAnyWhere accounts —plus— you earn a 12 times bonus payout on all EPX deals.

    Notice: When boarding accounts on our Edge / Dual Pricing program (Sometimes referred to as Cash Discounting), it is not unusual to see residuals of $400 to $500+ a month on a merchant who may be generating as little as $50,000 in monthly processing volume. This generous payout is because the Edge Program is not based on Interchange Plus pricing.

    Case Example: If our payment processor retains $500 in residuals in a particular month on a PayAnyWhere account, the peak bonus would be equal 14X, meaning a potential $7,000 commission paid to you *IN ADDITION TO* the monthly residuals which are also paid to you and nothing to do with the 14X bonus plan.


    Fully Vested Monthly Residual Commissions

    Perhaps the most attractive component of our compensation plan is the ability to earn ongoing monthly residual commission income on your entire portfolio of merchants using our credit card processing solutions. 


    Total Pricing Freedom with Interchange Flexibility

    Through our primary merchant services provider, we operate our own in-house payment processing platform referred to as EPX™. 

    Through EPX™ we can optimize interchange, which means we can process some transactions for substantially less than merchant services providers who strictly rely on Interchange. We are not trapped doing business based on the Interchange Plus price model. Our independent sales agent can save merchants more money, increase their profitability — while you the sales agent make you more money as we.

    In addition to whatever technology you place in your merchant’s business, EPX™ merchants get access to which works as a Virtual Terminal in addition to access to online data, statements and reports. Your merchants will be able to send e-invoices and set up automatic e-billing for no additional charge.

    Give Merchants FREE EMV-compliant Point of Sale Terminals

    Offer free terminals  that come Apple Pay ready, EMV compliant and allow for tip-adjustments (which is a popular feature for restaurants).

    We also offer the best terminal placement program in the industry when dealing with higher-end POS systems.

    You still earn generous upfront bonuses (paid daily upon activation) and fully vested monthly residual commissions for the life of each account.

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    Sell Zero Cost Credit Card Processing.
    Earn 200% up to 500% More
    in Compared to Traditional Merchant Services

    Sales agents offering traditional payment processing are paid based on rates, fees and profit margins marked up above true interchange. It works like this; the card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card earn their cut first. After all, Interchange Pricing is the wholesale price structure if you will, established by the card brands. Payment processors cannot offer pricing lower than rates and fees established by the card brands which is — true interchange.

    Sponsoring banks stand in line behind the card brands get paid. Next, the MSPs (Merchant Services Providers) get paid, after than any ISOs, and finally the sales agent receives their slice of the pie.

    On average a sales agent is paid between .20 up to .50 basis points above  Visa/Mastercard interchange on the gross dollar volume amount of processing revenue in that agent’s portfolio of business.

    Comprehensive webinar-based training provided to all new and experienced agents — free of cost every week. Plus, a back-end agent support dashboard filled with videos, marketing tools, flyers, wholesale pricing sheets, and much more.

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