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The most attractive component of our compensation plan offers LIFETIME fully vested residual income paid on your entire portfolio of merchants using our credit card processing services.

Our agents sell zero cost, no-fee payment processing. 

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Earn 200% up to 500% More..
compared to earning from selling traditional credit card processing services.

Sales agents offering traditional payment processing are paid based on rates, fees and profit margins marked up above true interchange. It works like this; the card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card earn their cut first. After all, Interchange Pricing is the wholesale price structure if you will, established by the card brands. Payment processors cannot offer pricing lower than rates and fees established by the card brands which is — true interchange.

Sponsoring banks stand in line behind the card brands get paid. Next, the MSPs (Merchant Services Providers) get paid, after than any ISOs, and finally the sales agent receives their slice of the pie.

On average a sales agent is paid between .20 up to .50 basis points above  Visa/Mastercard interchange on the gross dollar volume amount of processing revenue in that agent’s portfolio of business.

ZERO COST CREDIT – is a gamechanger.

Due to the fact that the card holder pays the credit card processing fees (*fixed at 3.5% + $0.25 cents per transaction on credit cards and 1.0% + $0.25 cents per transaction on debit card sales), the entire amount in rates and fees can be shared between the processor and the ISO/agent. 

Instead of earning 0.20 to 0.50 basis points above true interchange as is the case when selling traditional credit card processing, we’re not looking at earning between 1.15 basis points on gross revenue and up to 2.50 basis points on the exact same merchant processing volume.

If you are currently working for, another payment processor, we invite youto  compare our full scope portfolio of services and pay plan to your current employer.

Comprehensive webinar-based training provided to all new and experienced agents — free of cost every week. Plus, a back-end agent support dashboard filled with videos, marketing tools, flyers, wholesale pricing sheets, and much more.

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