The Best Payment Processing Solutions for 2024

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# 1 Choice Of Intelligence Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

KJ ProWeb™ offers payment processing services for all types of merchant accounts, both domestic and international.

As an authorized Independent Sales Organization (ISO) and premium partner for 30 of the largest and most trusted Merchant Services Providers (MSPs), acquiring banks and fintech’s in the world. We can support the needs of any business, regardless of size. 


Best Credit Card Processing for CBD, Hemp & Vape Products

Only through our FDIC-insured banks in the United States, can merchants receive credit card and debit products at the best pricing in the industry. *True interchange plus pricing.

*Hemp-derived CBD oils & tinctures
*CBD gummies, snacks & drinks
*CBD-infused bath bombs and salts
*CBD-infused topical rubs and lotions
*Hemp flower & pre-rolls
*THCa, THCp, Distillates, Isolates, Terpenes & HHC

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website compliance guidelinesBank underwriters will inspect the merchant’s website to ensure strict compliance with major card brand policies relevant to hemp products, FDA, and FCC regulations.