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you need to sell anytime, anywhere and maximize profitability.

Why Choose KJ ProWeb™

KJ ProWeb™ is an authorized Independent Sales Organization representing twenty of the largest and most trusted Merchant Services Providers (MSPs), payment processors, acquiring banks and FinTechs in the world.

We've disrupted the merchant services industry by bring to the market robust digital wallet platforms, decentralized (DeFi) e-Commerce payment processing. These new tools and solutions are built on high-speed, secure blockchain networks supported by international and regional banking partners.

Same Day or 24 Hour Approval

Submit a complete merchant application together with supporting documentation and your service can be approved and activated within 24 to 48 hours.

Fraud & Charge-back Prevention

From EMV and PCI compliance to encryption, SSL's, and more, access the technology that helps you keep your business’ and customers’ information safe.

Fully Transparent Pricing

Honest, straightforward pricing is important to us because it’s important to you.

Pay attention to how we discuss all rates and fees in advance of signing up for service.

Get a free Payanywhere Smart Terminal and start accepting payments any way your customer wants to pay and anywhere.

You'll have everything you need to manage electronic transactions.

Six Unconditional Guarantees

We GUARANTEE our clients the best customer service in the industry.

We GUARANTEE our clients the absolute best pricing for any payment processing service to include; traditional credit card and debit card processing, digital wallet solutions, decentralized tokenization, and point-of-sale terminals. If for any reason you find a legitimate competitor offering a better price on any service mentioned above — simply show us their written proposal and offer. We promise to meet or beat a competitor’s proposal. 

We GUARANTEE a No Long Term service agreement. We offer Month to Month merchant processing agreements with no Early Termination Fees.

We GUARANTEE our clients that their rates will never increase unless there is an interchange increase.

We GUARANTEE our clients that our rates are the lowest in the industry. This guarantee is rock solid on the grounds that we offer Interchange Plus Pricing and a true zero cost/no fees to the merchant automated surcharge program.

We GUARANTEE our clients that for as long as they are processing through us, we will replace or repair your equipment with the same or a similar unit for free*.

Hemp-derived CBD, Delta 8 THC, D9 & D10, Vape, HHC, Isolates & Distillates

Rates and fees as low as 2.99% plus $0.25 cents per transaction.

*No application fee.
*No setup fees.
*Includes a payment gateway fully compatible with Shopify, Wix, SquareSpace, WooCommerce and over 40 popular website builders.

Merchants outside of the United States are gladly accepted.

8 Payment Gateways

KJ Proweb offers eight different payment gateways, not just one.

Regardless of the product or service that you sell, we have affordable payment gateways the seamless integrate into your website.

*Pricing as low as $0.10 cents per transaction and no monthly recurring fee.

Virtual Terminal

No application fee.
No setup fee.

Receive a virtual terminal, and business management tools that give you the ability to accept payments online, from any mobile device, by email invoice, SMS text, and recurring subscriptions.

High Dollar Volume & High Ticket Sales

To be eligible for a high volume merchant account, businesses must process at least $100,000 per month.

KJ Proweb has agreements with multiple FDIC-insured banks and merchant services providers willing to support high volume, high-ticket businesses.

Recurring Billing & Subscriptions

Give your customers the option to make weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and even annual recurring subscription payments.

Digital Wallets & Virtual Terminals

Easily accept credit and debit cards, mobile payments, bank-to-bank instant transfers

In a single day we can integrate several tools into your online store; Google Pay, Apple Pay, CashApp, Zelle, and Venmo.

Accept Credit Cards At 0%

No More Processing Fees. Substantially Increase Profitability.

Payment processing fees are automatically passed along to the cardholder at checkout. Those fees do not exceed 3.86% or the true cost of accepting the card.

Point of Sale Smart Terminals

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Widely regarded as the #1 rated high-risk merchant services provider in the world.

EMB™ supports merchants in a wide range of high-risk industry sectors.  In fact, many ISO’s, Acquiring Banks and merchant services providers send their declined applications to EMB™. 

Best payment processing solutions 2022

Clients of KJ ProWeb™ receive substantially discounted Interchange Plus pricing and value-added services that cannot be obtained apart from KJ ProWeb™. We are an authorized Independent Sales Organization (ISO) and global partner representing the services of EMB© and Pinwheel Payment Gateway.

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Enjoy the best prices obtainable and innovative payment processing solutions for traditional businesses.

*Rates and pricing applies to low-risk, traditional businesses only.

Best payment processing solutions 2022

New & Better Pricing. Updated:  April 2022

  • Retail Basic Credit Card Present (Swipe): 1.95% plus $0.15¢ per transaction
  • eCommerce/MOTO: 2.25% plus $0.20¢ per transaction

*Pursuant to Visa & MasterCard Interchange rules – rewards traditional, rewards signature and rewards signature card acceptance are priced separately.

Interchange Table: October 2021

Visa Credit Basic1.51% + 10¢
Visa Rewards Traditional1.65% + 10¢
Visa Rewards Signature2.30% + 10¢
Visa Rewards Signature Preferred2.1% + 10¢

Google Pay® has merged with Google Wallet

It’s the perfect eCommerce payment acceptance solution for online sellers having a difficult time getting a traditional merchant account.

Thanks to the recently rebranded Google Wallet, anyone can store up to five debit cards and bank accounts and use those accounts in your digital wallet to pay businesses or send money to friends.

Merchants are allowed to receive electronic payments even if you sell; Kratom, Nutraceuticals, kava, hemp flower and pre-rolls,  delta 8/9 THC, vape equipment, CBD, and services considered high-risk. 

google pay© integration for ecommerce stores

How Does It Work?

When prospective customers visit your website store, they can make payment using any credit card or debit stored in their Google Pay account. 

The only caveat to using Google Pay® as a manual checkout payment method (on Shopify) is that the buyer must already have the Google Pay® app downloaded and functioning on their mobile device or be willing to download it. 

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PaymentCloud® is rated a top #5 best high-risk payment processor in the world. 

They’re also one of America’s “Fastest Growing Companies in 2022” according to Inc. Magazine. 

With 70+ employees gearing up to upgrade to a 17,000-square-foot space in Encino, California, this dynamic group of young payment professionals facilitate credit card processing for merchants spanning a multitude of industry types.

  • An easy online application.
  • Transparent  and lightening fast approval process, and hundreds of integration options set PaymentCloud apart.


While on the partnership side of things, Payment Cloud© has direct relationships with over 80% of top digital payment industry ISOs and fintechs to help bring payment processing solutions to hard-to-place industries.

In most instances merchants enjoy same day or next day approval, efficient onboarding, and a ton of account management tools at just the click of a button.

Best payment processing solutions 2022

KJ ProWeb™ has teamed up with Payment Cloud®. We’re a white-label reseller offering Payment Cloud’s entire portfolio of solutions at interchange plus pricing.

  • Accept all major credit cards and rates as low as 1.69% to 3.95% plus $0.25 cents per transaction. *Depending on Merchant Category Code (MCC) and underwriting determination. *Federally regulated products and services considered high-risk are gladly accepted.
  • Debit card rates and fees at: 1.0% plus $0.25 cents per transaction.
  • Payment gateway furnished by PaymentCloud®.

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Shown below is a list of acceptable merchant categories:

Sell any legal product or service without  limitations or restrictions.

If the product is legal in the United States and the principal business owner has no felony criminal history, a valid US bank account in the name of business entity, and valid government ID — the application will be approved. 

Best payment processing solutions 2022

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Accept Visa & MasterCard debit-card for product purchases in your dispensary.

Best payment processing solutions 2022

Point of Banking (POB) also called, ‘cashless ATM debit card processing, is the ability to let dispensary visitors buy products legally by means of PIN-based credit card or debit card entry. POB or point-of-banking works very much like an ATM transaction. No paper money is involved. It’s a cashless transaction. 

  1. A customer presents their bank-issued Visa or MasterCard ATM debit or credit card at the point of purchase.
  2. The buyer proceeds to swipe the card through the POS terminal, enter their card PIN number, and in increments of $5.00 (smaller increments are not allowed), the buyer completes the sale. 
  3. The cardholder is charged a small convenience fee on top of the rounded total. *Approximately $3.95.


Thanks to Point-of-Banking technology dispensary owners can sell their goods and services legally without violating card brand regulations or state law. 


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  • Accept over 185 different cryptocurrencies
  • Real-time exchange rates with instant conversion into fiat currency (USD or Euro)
  • Payment processing rates are 0%+ $0.00 per transaction

cryptos accepted

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Meet the only legal AML & KYC compliant payment processing solution for kratom in America. 

We use a blockchain-driven, crypto-to-fiat conversion platform supported by a US domestic bank to let website visitors pay using Visa, MasterCard or Discover at checkout.

Best payment processing solutions 2022

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KJ ProWeb™ will produce a secure online store checkout page and credit card capture form. The credit card capture will be integrated into the Buyer’s website.

Online shoppers will be able to safely choose a method of payment, enter the credit or debit card number, expiration date, CVV code (found on the back of the card), shipping address, and personal contact details.

A Credit Card Capture Form built by KJ ProWeb for Shopify

  • Our expert coders we create secure credit card capture forms that seamlessly integrate with your online store. Online shoppers will be able to choose a method of payment; Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. As an extra bonus and upon request we can include CashApp, Zelle, and Venmo at no additional charge.


Benefits of a Custom Credit Card Capture Form

  • It gives online shoppers the ability to simply enter a credit card or debit card number of their choice, the expiration date, CVV code (found on the back of the card), a shipping/delivery address, zip code and personal contact details. All of this takes place on the checkout page without getting redirected away from your website.
  • PCI Compliance – the buyer’s credit card information and order details are safely stored inside of your eCommerce site management dashboard. All of the popular eCommerce website builders in use today employ bank-grade security features and ensure PCI compliance.
  • To retrieve new customer orders, simply log into your online store dashboard and go to the menu tab where new Orders are stored. Retrieve the customer’s credit card information, the exact dollar amount of the sale and any other relevant details.
  • Finally, log into your Virtual Terminalenter the buyer’s credit card details and process the sale.


KJ ProWeb™ offers the powerful and affordable Virtual Terminal platform in the industry. Our Virtual Terminal plan has no application fee, no monthly statement fees, and there is no software to download.

The Basic Plan is priced at 3.75% plus $0.10¢ per transaction. 

You receive a two-month free trial period with no monthly fees. After the free two month trial period you are given the option to upgrade to premium service for $14.95 per month or keep basic service with no monthly fee.

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PayAnyWhere: Smart Point-of-Sale Terminals

Accept payments any way your customers want to pay. From inside of your retail store, on the go (mobile), an eCommerce website or a Virtual Terminal.