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merchant cash discount payment processing program www.kjproweb.com

accept credit cards at 0% cost

Get rid of credit card processing fees by giving customers the option to save on purchases by paying in cash instead of credit card.

Sample of an actual receipt. On the right you see the Cash Discount featured in red. When customers pay in cash they are rewarded in the form of a cash discount.

How the EDGE Program Works


Merchants Retain 100% Profit On Every Sale

The EDGE Program gives retail store customers the option to pay in cash or by credit card. It's their choice.

When paying by cash the buyer enjoys a small cash discount. When paying by credit card the store owner enjoys same profit margin regardless of the payment method.

The primary benefit of the EDGE Program is that retail stores large and small totally eliminate credit card processing fees at the point-of-sale.

At the same time and at with no out-of-pocket expense a new merchant receives a FREE  point-of-sale terminal and much more.

  • FREE signage explaining the program to your customers.

  • A FREE countertop Verifone Vx520 machine or two more excellent options; a portable Verifone Vx680 payment system or PayAnywhere© smart terminal.

  • No Sign Up Fee or Application Fee.

  • No Long Term Binding Contract Required.

  • Same Day or Next Day Approval.