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We’ve spent 15 years helping online brands increase brand awareness and maximize profitability. The results we’ve achieved are beyond impressive. According to Google©, our work as a digital marketing agency ranks us among the top 1% in North America.

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Diverse skills to bridge any technical knowledge gap

KJ Proweb™ is an award-winning digital marketing agency with unmatched expertise in e-commerce web development, merchant payment processing, website hosting, email marketing, SEO, and online advertising campaign management.

Founder & CEO
- Master Certified Web Professional – Designer (CWP)
23 years of experience in B2B and B2C web development.
- Full-stack and front-end developer certified.
- 15 years in senior management leadership roles.

- Director of Digital Marketing and Global Communications for K-1 Global Limited® - Established in 1993, K-1 is the oldest and largest professional kick-boxing event promotion in the history of combat sports.

Elite K-1 fighters have entertained capacity crowds at some of the largest auditoriums and sports coliseums in more than 38 countries worldwide. Events have been featured on ESPN Sports, CBS, SpikeTV, EuroSports and Fiji TV Japan.
Athletes competed for the prestigious K-1 championship belt and one million dollars in prize money.

- Director of Digital Marketing for Versa Product Incorporated - a California based leading manufacturer of ergonomic stand-to-sit computer desks, tables, chairs, and office furniture. $44.9 million in annual revenue.

- Oversaw a monthly digital advertising budget of $100,000 generating ROIs in excess of 300% to 1,500% on ad campaign spend.
Director of Marketing
Expert in all aspects of SEO strategy development
- Creates SEO-rich web and print content, digital marketing plans, XML site maps, and Google Business profiles.

- Oversees Google Search Console management for clients.

- Performs competitor SERP analysis, keyword research, and opportunity analysis.
- Executes a variety of technical SEO tasks, such as website crawls, indexing, monitoring of ranking signals, on-page optimization, etc.
- Generates monthly and quarterly SEO reports and communicate progress of SEO campaigns to our clients, present new strategies, and maintain relationships with them.
- Works closely with client’s content and marketing teams to ensure our clients’ SEO, marketing, and business goals are met, Provides training in SEO to clients to help them and understand SEO concepts, tools, strategies, and best practices.
- Performs research on trending keywords. Creates and edits content as deemed necessary.
- Use analytical tools to gauge the success of content.
- Works with the top #10 social media platforms, optimizing campaigns and maximizing profitability for advertisers.
Senior Linux SysAdmin & DevOps Administration & Management of Servers

- (Linux servers: CentOS, Debian, Red Hat, Suse, etc.)
- Administration of VPS Servers (OS install, setup, configuration, security, management, etc.)
- Configurations & Maintenance of the Following Linux Services:
- Mail (qmail, exim, postfix), MySQL, MariaDB, Apache, DNS (bind), VPN (openVPN, pptpd, softether VPN), iptables firewall, CSF Firewall, CXS Scanner, Maldet, MailScanner, Munin, haproxy, nginx, cpnginx.

Areas of Expertise:
- Installation, Configuration, Management of Linux services and applications:
- Apache, PHP, PhpMyAdmin, MySQL
- Email server configuration; support for SPF, DKIM, DMARC, rDNS Installation, configuration, testing and
- senior/lead administration of cPanel/WHM, Virtualmin/Webmin, CWP, VestaCP, KloxoMR, and PLESK.
Expert at creating engaging social media, video and digital advertising content.

- monitoring and responding to SMM customer inquiries, and managing our social media and email accounts.
- Creating graphics that fit the brand image for all marketing campaigns.
- Manage multiple social media accounts, including Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.
- Create, foster and improve communities built around the brand by engaging (liking, commenting, replying) daily with current and potential clients, creators, and followers.
- Social Listening: Stay updated with industry trends, social media best practices, and emerging platforms.

Conduct social listening to identify opportunities, monitor competitor activities, and identify potential risks or crisis.
Senior Web Developer
- Master Certified Web Professional – Designer (CWP) & Technical SEO Expert
- Google UX Design Professional,
- Certified.
- BrainStation Web Development Course.
- Certificate of Competency Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP).
- Javascript Development Certified Professional.

Led and managed a team of 12 developers and designers to create efficient, effective, and aesthetic websites for 600+ clients.
- Designs, develops, and supports new and existing websites and web applications.
- Over 180 applications.
- Conceptualized, created, and managed thousands of dynamic web pages using appropriate technologies (HTML/HTML5, PHP, CSS, React and Web CMS).
Technical Support
- Senior Web Server Administrator & Technical Support

Maintains software and security updates
- Monitors server activity
- Ensure the availability of server applications
- Audits server security
- Develops and refines the processes for ongoing management of servers
- Designs and installs new server implementations
- Performs daily backups and recovery functions.

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