Become An Independent Sales Organization (ISO)

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Sell traditional and decentralized payment processing, responsive web development services, pure cloud website hosting, and digital marketing services. 

Our Services

Merchant Payment Processing

Get paid faster than ever with daily approvals and activation bonuses of up to $600.00 per merchant.

Keep in mind that when a merchant has more than one location sign up for service, you earn that $600.00 bonus for each individual location.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Digital Marketing

SEO and digital marketing affiliate programs can be a great fit for a self-employed sales agent. . The SEO industry is expected to be worth more than $150 billion by 2025 at a compound annual growth rate of 20% .

An SEO sales affiliate earns generous commissions promoting everything from web development, hosting, keyword research tools to link building and rank tracking services.

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Website Design Services

Promote web design products and services on your website or social media platform and earn generous commissions for every sale.

Affiliate Commissions: The sales affiliate gets paid when business purchases a web design package.

Commissions range from 30% to 40% of the gross retail price.


Work from Home or Anywhere With an Internet connection.

Get paid $240.00 and up to $600.00 every time you sign up a merchant for our unbeatable credit card processing services.

PayAnyWhere© smart point-of-sale swipe terminals accept all forms of payments including Apple Pay, Google Pay, checks, gift and loyalty cards.

You still earn generous upfront bonuses (paid daily upon activation) and fully vested monthly residual commissions paid to your for the life of each account.

Agent Testimonials

“I was looking for a solid residual income business opportunity and I found it here. When I sell an account, I continue to earning for the life of that business.”
Florence J.
“A tKJ Proweb is a dream come true opportunity for me. I love the industry and earning good money doing what I love is wonderful”
Andrea A.
“The team gives me all the support needed to growth my client base and succeed in sales. I didn't know what it was like to earn residual income, but now I do. My life will never be mediocre.”
Brashar S.