NAB's Virtual Terminal allows you to process virtually any type of payment through a hosted dashboard.

Accept Payments Over the Telephone

A virtual terminal is a hosted payment capture and settlement solution that eliminates the need for a point-of-sale swipe terminal or hardware.

Accept Payments Through the Mail

Transactions can be manually keyed in if the physical card is not present.
Businesses can accept credit card payments over the phone, email, or through a custom-built payment capture form.

Velocity Virtual Terminal,North American Bancard's Virtual Terminal,Using a virtual terminal for CBD payment processing
Velocity Virtual Terminal gives merchants the ability to set up customers for monthly, quarterly or customized subscription recurring billing.

Click below to watch a video demonstration of Velocity Virtual Terminal in action


A virtual terminal is a web-based solution that allows you to accept both card-present payments and card-not-present payments such as those made online.

Our industry-leading Virtual Terminal has no sign up fee, no application fee, and service can be activated within 24 hours.  


How Does a Virtual Terminal Work?

When online shoppers place an order through your online store, their sensitive credit card details are safely stored inside of your website builder ‘Customer Orders’ dashboard.

This workflow process ensures PCI compliance.
After receiving an email notice and SMS text message of a new sale, you will log into your hosted virtual terminal, cut-and-paste or manually enter the buyer’s credit card information and the amount of the sale into your virtual terminal. Press the “Submit Order” button.

Funds automatically settle into the merchant’s bank account either the same day or within 24 hours.


3.75% + $0.10 cents per transaction.

You receive a FREE two-month trial of all the premium features. After the free two-month trial period you will be offered a premium version upgrade.

Simply decline the offer and continue using the FREE version for the life of your business.

If you wish to keep the standard free virtual terminal, there is no monthly fee.

Yes. We Create Secure Payment Capture Forms

If you sell federally regulated products or services considers “high-risk” according to payment processors — you may need a custom-built payment capture form. 

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