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NAB Velocity Virtual Terminal

velocity virtual terminal

A virtual terminal is a web-based solution that allows you to accept both card-present payments and card-not-present payments such as those made online.

Accept Payments The Way You Want

Hosted Credit Card Capture Forms

KJ Proweb will build a customized, hosted payment capture form. We integrate your payment capture form into the checkout page of your online store. It's PCI-compliant and 100% secure.

Recurring Payments & Subscription Plans

Mobile Transactions & In-Person Sales

Pricing: 3.75% + $0.10¢ per transaction | $14.95 monthly service fee *Waived during a two-month FREE trial period.

How It Works

North American Bankcard’s Velocity’s Virtual Terminal gives merchants to accept all major credit cards and debit card payments by; keyed-entry, telephone order, mail order or a credit card capture form. 

How Does It Work?

After receiving an order from a customer simply log into your hosted virtual terminal, enter the buyer’s full name, address, credit card information, and — click Process Order’ to authorize the sale. Funds typically settle into your bank account within 24 to 48 hours.

As an extra bonus you receive a hosted account management dashboard where a ton of business management features are at your finger tips.

Pricing: 3.75% + $0.10¢ per transaction | $14.95 monthly service fee *Waived during a two-month FREE trial period.

Watch the video. Click to video shown below to the Velocity Virtual Terminal in action.

Robust Account Management Features

Recurring Payments & Subscriptions

Securely store your customers’ personal and account information. Then, leverage a sleek and simple platform to start accepting payments (via credit card or ACH) for recurring applications and services like software, donations, and more.

 Enjoy the freedom to customize contracts with optional add-ons and discounts, as well as periodic cycles that fit your revenue growth.

Ideal for:
Property management, subscription based apps, gyms, salons, and utility companies

Expanded Reporting

The Velocity Payment System provides clients with a full suite of reporting solutions and works work with multiple processors to meet the needs of the organization.

Velocity’s reports are designed specifically for administrators of an individual organization to analyze cash flow and distribution of revenue across specific payment types for improved forecasting and revenue cycle management.

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