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velocity virtual terminal

Velocity Virtual Terminal by North American Bankcard

Accept payments in your web browser.
Key in credit card details and process a payment anywhere you have an internet connection.

Your transactions will instantly appear on your Activity page.

Velocity Virtual Terminal by North American Bancard
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How Does a Virtual Terminal Work?


    • 3.75% + $0.10 cents per transaction. 
    • You receive a FREE two-month trial. 
    • After the free two-month trial period you will be offered a premium version upgrade. Simply decline the offer and continue using the FREE version for the life of your business. 
    • If you wish to keep the standard free virtual terminal, there is no monthly fee.

Watch the Video Demo of our Virtual Terminal in Action

Click to video shown below to the Velocity Virtual Terminal in action.

You May Need a Custom Built Payment Capture Form

Website hosting services providers such as Shopify©, Wix©, Weebly© and SquareSpace™ do NOT provide credit card processing to merchants selling federally regulated products.

Yes, online sellers are allowed to build a website on their platform, but credit card processing must be obtained from a high-risk merchant services provider.  You cannot use Shopify Payments, Stripe or PayPal when selling CBD, Delta 8/9, vape cartridges, kratom and similar products.

Velocity Virtual Terminal by North American Bankcard

shopify credit card capture form with kj proweb
KJ ProWeb will build a custom payment capture form and integrate that form into your online store. This allows you to capture credit card transactions directly through your website and then process each sale manually (keyed entry) through your virtual terminal.