PayAnyWhere Smart Terminals

PayAnyWhere mobile and desktop point-of-sale (POS) smart terminals allow businesses in any industry the ability to accept credit cards and other payment methods – anywhere, anytime.


    • Accept All Forms of Payment:
      • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, and more.
      • EMV chip cards and bank-issued debit cards
      • Contactless payments
      • ..and magstripe cards.
    • Wireless Use:
      • Accept all forms of payment on the road or in remote locations.
    • Built-in Barcode Scanner:
      • PayAnyWhere Smart Terminals have a built-in barcode scanner to simplify the checkout process.
    • Built-in Receipt Printer:
      • PayAnyWhere Smart Terminals have a built-in receipt printer to provide customers with a receipt after their purchase.
    • Customer-facing Second Screen:
      • PayAnyWhere Smart Terminals have a customer-facing second screen to display transaction details to customers.
    • Virtual Terminal:
      • PayAnyWhere Smart Terminals offer a virtual terminal feature that allows businesses to accept payments online.
    • Inventory Management:
      • PayAnyWhere Smart Terminals offer inventory management features to help businesses keep track of their stock.
    • Employee Management:
      • PayAnyWhere Smart Terminals offer employee management features to help businesses manage their staff.
    • Invoicing:
      • PayAnyWhere Smart Terminals offer invoicing features to help businesses create and send invoices to customers.

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    PayAnyWhere Smart Terminals

    PAX A920 Pro Smart Terminal

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    The PAX A920 Pro is arguable the most versatile point-of-sale device on the market. On top of that, it’s the affordable. Get it 100% free with no out-of-pocket investment or buy the device at the low price of $349.00.

    The A920 Pro comes with a built-in PINPad, a larger screen, blazing faster performance, and an optional built-in professional infrared barcode scanner. It can be used on your store counter-top, as a portable wireless device, it also connects to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and has a front-facing and rear-facing camera.

      • No Setup Fee
      • No Cancellation Fee
      • Shipped to your doorstep at $0.00 cost
      • Next-day settlement of funds. *With the option for instant settlement of funds based on underwriting.

    Card On File

    Card On File is a feature that gives merchants the ability to use a customer’s stored card on file. When a new customer provides their credit card information, simply store and save it. Do this in your Payments Hub Virtual terminal. The Payments Hub Virtual Terminal supports recurring payments with autopay.

    Rates & Fees

    • 3.89% plus $0.20 cents per transaction.
    • $14.95 Monthly Software Fee

    Inactivity Fee: $3.99/mo. Applicable only to merchants who do not process a transaction for 3 consecutive months. When processing resumes the inactivity fee will no longer be charged.

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    PayAnyWhere Smart Terminals

    PayAnyWhere Bluetooth 3-in-1 Credit Card Reader

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    Accept credit cards when away from the office, at remote locations. and on the road. The PAX 3-in-1 card reader by transforming your smartphone or tablet into a portable payment device. It’s even compatible with your desktop computer! Just connect your PayAnyWhere 3-in-1 Bluetooth® Credit Card Reader to your iOS or Android device and start accepting payments.

    Multiple use

    • In and around your store (think: line busting).
    • At farmers markets and fairs.
    • For curbside checkout.
    • For mobile delivery.
    • Anywhere else you want.
    • All major credit cards, debit cards, and contactless payments; Google Pay, Apple Pay & Samsung Pay

    EPX Platform: Pricing

    • Purchase the 3-in-1 card reader for $49.95
    • Credit card processing rate: 2.69% with no transaction fees. $0.00¢ per transaction
    • No Monthly Recurring Service Fee
    • PayAnywhere w/ 3-in-1 Card Reader

    What’s included:

    • Access to Payments Hub for easy business management, data-driven reports, our Virtual Terminal, and more.
    • 24/7 customer service and technical support.
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    PayAnyWhere Smart Terminals

    PAX E600 Smart Flex Terminal

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    The PAX E600 Payanywhere Smart Flex is a portable credit card reader and point-of-sale (POS) system. It can be used as a countertop terminal or as a mobile payment capture terminal.  The PAX E600 has dual-facing displays so both merchants and customers can have a secure checkout experience. 

    It has the following features: 

    • 8″ touchscreen with Android software
    • EMV chip card, NFC contactless, and magstripe reader
    • PIN debit
    • Built-in receipt printer
    • 4.3″ customer-facing touchscreen
    • Front and back cameras for easy barcode scanning
    • 4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity
    • Automatic brightness sensor
    • 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Cortex A53 Processor
    The PAX E600 is suitable for businesses such as salons, restaurants, coffee shops, and delivery businesses. It costs $349.95
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    PayAnyWhere Smart Terminals

    PAX E700 Smart POS+ Terminal

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    Transform your countertop with the space-saving, tablet-based PAX E700 Smart point-of-sale terminal. Accept credit cards, debit cards, checks, and gift cards in your store, on the go, and online.

    The PayAnyWhere E700 Smart Terminal is the ideal solution for merchants who want full POS functionality in a sleek and compact design. Accept credit cards, debit cards, checks and gift cards in your store, on the go, and online.

    Free placement or purchase with a $39.95 per device monthly software fee or purchase for $949.95.

    • The large format point of sale with a 12.5″ HD touchscreen, 4.3″ customer facing display, receipt printer, and barcode scanner.
    • Accepts digital wallets; Apply Pay®, Google Pay© & Samsung Pay©
    • EMV chip reader, PCI & NFC Contactless certifications
    • Speed up your checkout process with frictionless transactions that take just seven to ten seconds from the time the card is inserted until approval.
    • Access to Payments Hub, our secure, online merchant terminal.
    • Real-time, analytics-based reports for easy-to-understand insights into your business.
    • Simplified employee, customer, and inventory management.
    • Emailable, textable, and printable receipts.
    • A Virtual Terminal for telephone orders, mail orders, and card-present transactions.
    • Recurring invoices with autopay.
    • Two unique software themes (Terminal and Retail).
    • No Cancellation Fee
    • Next-day settlement of funds. *Instant settlement of funds based on Underwriting
    • Live customer support 24/7


    Card Processing Rates & Fees

    • Swiped / Customer Present: 2.69% + $0.00¢ per transaction
    • E-commerce Store, Virtual Terminal & Keyed Entry: 3.49% + $0.19¢ per transaction
    • Merchants with annual gross sales in excess of $250,000 qualify for Interchange Plus pricing.
    Inactivity Fee: $3.99/mo. *Applicable only to merchants who do not process a transaction for 12 months. When processing resumes, an inactivity fee will no longer be charged.


  • Sale! PAX A77 Android Smart Mini POS Terminal
    PayAnyWhere Smart Terminals

    PAX A77 Android Smart Mini POS Terminal

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    The PAX A77 Wireless Android Smart Mini POS+ Terminal is a game-changing credit card capture, swipe and processing device that combines the functionality of a traditional point-of-sale terminal with the power and versatility of an Android operating system. Get the PAX A77 Wireless Android Smart Mini POS+ FREE terminal with a month-to-month service agreement or buy the device for $359.00 plus shipping.

    • Process all forms of payments by magnetic swipe or NFC contactless, built-in EMV chip reader, PIN entry (debit card friendly), QR code.
    • Extended Micro SD card slot up to 128GB
    • Manage product inventory, and track sales data by employee or independent contractor.
    • Optional professional scanner
    • USB type-C charging port
    • Optional docking station
    • Dual Cameras: Stunning picture quality, even in the darkest of settings. Instant scanning of 1D/2D codes. 2MP front camera and 5MP rear camera or upgrade for 5MP front camera and 13MP rear camera.
    • Scan QR Codes
    • Can be carried with you anywhere.
    • Holds an all-day battery life.
    • Credit Card Processing Rates & Fees: 3.59% plus $0.20 cent per transaction. *Plus a $14.95 monthly device fee.
    • No Annual Fee.
    • No Setup Fee.

    Key features:

    • Android 8.1 OS
    • 4G + WiFi + Bluetooth
    • Contactless + Chip & PIN + magstripe
    • 5.5-inch color touchscreen
    • 3.8V/5250mAh rechargeable battery
    • 2MP front & 5MP rear camera with option to upgrade
    • Optional professional  scanner
    • USB type-C charging port
    • Optional docking station
    • PCI PTS 5.x. SRED
  • PayAnyWhere Smart Terminals

    Website Migration Service

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    Get Your Online Store Migrated to a More Accommodating Hosting Platform Within 48 Hours

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