Affiliate Marketing Is The #1 Ranked Customer Acquisition Method For 20% Of Largest Corporate Brands.

*Based On An October 2019 Survey Conducted By Forrester Consulting¹ With 170 Executive-Level Marketers.

  • Overall Results Showed That Affiliate Marketing Is Ranked As The Number One Channel For Customer Acquisition And Is Relied Upon As A Proven And Critical Revenue Driver.

  • Of Marketers Who Currently Leverage Affiliate As Part Of Their Marketing Mix, 20% Ranked It As Their Top Channel For Customer Acquisition Followed By Paid And Organic Search (16%) And Display (15%).
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    80% of the largest brands in the world operate an affiliate program to reach new customers and boost sales.

    10% of their marketing budget is earmarked towards affiliate marketing.

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    Based on an October 2019 survey conducted by Forrester Consulting¹ with 170 executive-level marketers.

    Overall results showed that Affiliate Marketing as ranked as the number one channel for customer acquisition and is relied upon as a proven effective and critical revenue driver. 

    Of marketers who currently leverage affiliate marketing as part of their marketing mix, 20% ranked it as their preferred channel for customer acquisition followed by paid and organic search (16%) and display (15%). 

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