Affiliate Sales Agent Program
Affiliate Sales Agent Program

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The most powerful affiliate Sales Agent Management platform in the Industry

Trusted by 1,000s of leading brands. Perfect for all vertical; retail, Network Marketing, CBD & Hemp Industry, fashion, and more!

Affiliate Sales Agent Program

a Great Way to Grow Revenue & Increase Brand Awareness

Affiliate marketing involves leveraging the resources and network contacts of others to effectively sell your goods and services. 

Since the 1970s, referral sales and affiliate marketing continues to be the effective way to increase brand awareness, drive sales, and scale growth with minimal investment.

What do the top #25 largest and best known CBD brands in the USA have in common?

Answer: All of them have an affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate Sales Agent Program

Affiliate marketing is the #1 ranked customer acquisition method for 20% of largest corporate brands.

It's among their top 3 revenue streams. *1

*Based on an October 2019 survey conducted by Forrester Consulting¹ with 170 executive-level marketers. Overall results showed that affiliate marketing is ranked as the number one channel for customer acquisition and is relied upon as a proven and critical revenue driver. Of marketers who currently leverage affiliate as part of their marketing mix, 20% ranked it as their top channel for customer acquisition followed by paid and organic search (16%) and display (15%).

Here is a short list of leading brands that scaled growth and profitability through affiliate marketing

Some 80% of brands run an affiliate program to reach new customers, reportedly devoting over 10% of their marketing budgets to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Sales Agent Program

Our Affiliate Marketing Software Offers a Fully Automated Experience

A “must-have” affiliate marketing tool for online sellers in any industry

Even a one-person business owner can now manage a network resellers, hundreds of distributors or tens of thousands of affiliates with no manual labor.
All processes are fully automated!

Manage Thousands or Millions of Affiliates 100%

Unlimited Affiliates

Simply have as many affiliates as you can get, the system does not impose any limitation on the number of affiliates it can handle and it scales beautifully.

Let friends, distributors or any website visitor sign up and join with no manual labor on your part.

Flawless Affiliate or Reseller Tracking

Our affiliate marketing app handles the task of creating an unique affiliate ID number for each new rep.

Affiliates can market and promote your products by creating and sharing their unique website hyperlinks. How does it work? Our software creates hyperlinks that each affiliate can cut-and-paste for use on social media platforms, include in emails or SMS text messages sent out to their friends and associates.

Automated Commission Payout

The system comes with fully customizable commission rates and real-time order tracking.

Commission payouts can range from a simple fixed rate, individual rates per affiliate, product-based or product category. We can even more specific rates that include rates for members with Groups. Each affiliate can log into the system with their personal Username and Password to review any activity relevant to their business.

Flexible Commission Rates

Our system features the most flexible and advanced commission rates available. You decide exactly how you wish commissions to flow.

Choose from a general flat rate, individual rates based on the type of relationship you have with an affiliate, and product or product category rates.

We can even setup combined levels in a multi-tier affiliate program.

Affiliate Sales Agent Program
Your existing customers have friends, co-workers and associates that need to know about your products. Give your existing customers an opportunity to become an affiliate sales agent.
Affiliate Sales Agent Program

Site Visitor Tracking

Referral cookies are stored on the visitors website or mobile device for a period of 90 days, 180 days or any customized period of time.

This feature ensures that website visitor information is stored and attributed to the correct referring sales agent.

Affiliates Receive Their Own Business Management Dashboard

Your partners can review their performance and earnings over various time periods, with details on clicks, individual visits, referrals and earnings. This allows them to optimize their marketing efforts based on the statistics that the system provides.

An easy to use interface, with a natural representation of the data makes it an exceptional experience to work with, for novice and seasoned affiliates alike.

The ready-made Affiliates Dashboard provides an integrated experience that handles everything from login and affiliate registration to a flexible performance overview, an easy to use link tool, details on referrals, affiliate link traffic and banners.

Traffic Statistics & Web Analytics Reports

The system records the traffic generated by affiliates and provides detailed reports on the traffic that can be refined using suitable filter criteria. Reports can be used to identify traffic from robots to purge and exclude unsuitable requests from further recording.

Detailed traffic reports are available for affiliate managers on the back end while the affiliates dashboard presents useful information to affiliates about the traffic they refer.

Banner Management

Create banner images or graphics of your own. Then, upload your banners into the dashboard for affiliates to use at will. Our system also supports banner images from external sources.

Coupon Code Referrals

The system allows to assign coupons to affiliates. Orders that have such coupons applied, are related to the affiliate.
Customers who have been referred via coupons do not need to click any affiliate link.

Your partners can use their assigned coupons to promote your products transparently without the need to use affiliate links, while your customers benefit from the related discounts and partners are credited with the appropriate commissions.

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How Much Does It Cost To Structure, Install, Launch
Manage an Affiliate Marketing Program?

Answer: Between $600.00 up to $5,000.00 depending on the platform and software you decide to use. Also, include the expense of hiring someone to manage the platform. A more affordable and hassle-free option is to use an automated software program. 

KJ ProWeb’s affiliate sales management app includes all of the high-end management tools you’ll need at a lifetime investment of $1200.00. There are no monthly recurring fees and no network admin fees. 

Top Three Affiliates Sales Agent Programs

Most merchants join one (or more) affiliate marketing networks from which to recruit and manage. Keep in mind that joining as a merchant involves a setup fee in addition to ongoing transaction fees with minimums. There are quite a number of networks, but most are marginally effective when compared to the leaders:

  • CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) – Pros: large number of affiliates in network, high trust level, good tools; Cons: expensive to join ($5,000), high monthly sales minimum required to stay in the program
  • Rakuten (Linkshare) – Pros: large global network, solid reputation; Cons: expensive to join ($460.000 USD) plus 2% to 4% commission on every sale, plus a 1% affiliate fee (meaning Rakuten gets 1% of the gross paid out to every affiliate in addition to the fees mentioned above).
  • ShareASale™ – Pros: the best network for merchants, large US network, top reputation, lowest join fee and lowest transaction fees, easy to use; Cons – none.


ShareASale™  is a very popular affiliate sales marketing site) requires an Affiliate Network setup investment of $550. – That’s before you spend an additional $1,000 on technical integration, testing or development time prior to actually launching the program.

  • $550 one-time network access fee (to join)
  • + $100 minimum deposit
  • + additional network fees on every affiliate commission paid out (For every $1 paid to your affiliates, ShareaSale™ will receive another $0.20 cents as their ongoing network fee).


Profitability & Cost-Per-Acquisition Considerations 

Let’s take a careful look at the total investment when launching an Affiliate Marketing Program. We strongly encourage you to understand cost per acquisition (CPA) as it relates to bottom line profitability;

For example, a typical sale of $80 with free shipping may look something like this;

Product Sales Price: $80 with free shipping

    • less 10% coupon used offering a product discount $8.00
    • less shipping (2 lbs Priority Mail) $7.50
    • less 30% affiliate sales agent commission $24.00
    • less ShareASale™ transaction fee of  $0.90
      • — equals $39.60 
    • less the cost to produce and package the product $18.00? 
    • equals pre-tax profit of $21.60


*In some circumstances a business owner may need to mark up the retail price of their products or services across the board by 20% or 30% prior to launching an affiliate marketing program.


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