KJ ProWeb™ is an authorized reseller of payment gateway technologies provisioned and supported by Authorize.net

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card are the most popular payment methods.

Included is the ability to accept mobile and digital wallet transactions by Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Lower Pricing: Get 50% Off Everything

Authorize.net charges a monthly recurring fee of $25.00 per month regardless of how much or little you use the service.

Through KJ ProWeb, you receive 50% off of published pricing.

Reduced Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are also reduced. Merchants signing up through KJ ProWeb pay only $0.10 cents per transaction instead of $0.30 cents per transaction.

Get a Virtual Terminal

Authorize.Net Virtual Terminal Every Authorize.Net account includes a Virtual Terminal that allows transactions to be manually entered and processed.

This is an ideal solution for mail or phone order businesses.

Rates & Fees

    • Setup Fee $0.00
    • Monthly Gateway Fee $10.00 per month
    • Credit card processing at True Interchange + 0.45 basis points and $0.15 cents per transaction.

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