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Pay by bank account login and debit, kratom payment processing , cannabis and delta 8 payment processing


Meet Verde©, the most powerful open banking app for eCommerce transactions ever developed. 

Verde™ is an open banking app that integrates directly into your website checkout page. When customers are prepared to checkout and payment they don’t have to stop mid-flow and look for a credit card or a checkbook. 

With our pay by bank-account-login app, online shoppers simply need to know where they bank and how to log into their account. Here’s how it works;

  • Customers make payment by logging into their personal or business bank account. They’ll type in their bank account username and password exactly as they’ve done many times before.
  • Our bank-to-bank payment app is already connected to more than 11,000 US domestic banks and credit unions.
  • Yes, your bank is probably connected too!
  • Our open banking app is used by PayPal, Stripe, Zelle, Robinhood and Coinbase.
Pay by bank account login and debit, kratom payment processing , cannabis and delta 8 payment processing
The checkout experience is user-friendly on desktop PCs, tablets and all mobile devices.

Watch the YouTube Video Demo


At checkout, the buyer will select their bank from a directory of over 11,000 US banks and credit unions. 

They will see same interface you’d see if you were to log in to your own bank’s online portal. To reduce the risk of losing the sale, shoppers are never diverted from website checkout page.



The buyer will log into their bank’s secure online portal with the same User ID and password they’ve always used in the past. 

There is no need to enter a routing number or account number. This feature makes bank direct debit faster, more secure and easier to use than credit cards online.



The online shopper confirms the dollar amount of the purchase by and it’s done. 

The transaction is completed within seconds.

Funds settle in the merchant’s bank account the same day (or within 24 hours depending on the bank).


Click the green box for a free test drive of Verde™. Use a fake name, a fake shipping address, and fake bank details.

Acceptable Products & Services

Driving technology for leading brands

Online Pharmacies

Verde supports automatic monthly recurring billing. This powerful feature eliminates manual labor and accounting burdens when refilling orders.

50% of all medical prescriptions are refilled every month. Reduce payment processing expense by 75% or more, enjoy same day or next day settlement of funds, and limits on transaction dollar volume.

CBD Oils, CBD Edibles, Hemp Flower & Pre-rolls

Products must be legal in all 50 states and not greater than 0.30% THC by weight volume. **US Farm Bill compliant.

No laboratory COAs need to be submitted. However, COAs must be published to the target website and unsubstantiated medical claims are strictly prohibited pursuant to FTC & FDA requirements.

Hospitality & Travel Industry

Travel and hospitality companies as an industry are considered "high-risk" according to traditional Merchant Services Providers and the card brands.

By using Verde™ the barriers to online success and profitability are finally lifted. Enjoy no limit on the number of transactions you can process in a day, week or per month. No chargeback fees or assessments when customers cancel travel plans at the last minute.

Restaurant Take-out & Delivery

Eliminate the risk and expense associated with bad customers who order a meal by credit card --- only to to cancel the transaction a few hours later.

Consumer credit card disputes, fraud and charge-back fraud is costing the restaurant industry approximately $30 billion in annual losses.

SEO & Digital Marketing

SEO is considered high risk by traditional banks and Merchant Services Providers.

The transactions are usually high dollar value which leave credit card processors in vulnerable position when SEO consultants and digital marketing agencies fail to deliver as promised.

KJ Proweb makes it simple, fast, and affordable for the digital marketing agencies to accept payments online.

Coaching Seminars & Future Events

Most federal banks would be happy to sponsor a business for credit card processing if there was no risk of consumer chargebacks. KJ Proweb is here to help coaching and seminar related business accept eCommerce transactions.

Say Goodbye To Credit Card Chargebacks

Transactions authenticated only after the buyer enters their shipping address details, a phone number, and logs into their personal bank portal via Username & Password known only to them.

Zero Liability

Criteria for Merchant Account Approval

Rates & Fees

Same Day or 24 Hour Approval
$ 50
Monthly Recurring Payment Gateway Fee +
  • 3.25% + $0.75 cents per transaction. *Important Notice: The 3.25% rate no longer applies to customers entered into your Verde™ system making secondary and future purchases.
  • The $0.75 cent transaction fee. Important Reminder: The rate of 3.25% NO LONGER applies to subsequent purchases made by customers entered into your Verde™ system.
  • Seamless integration into 170+ popular website builders. WordPress, Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento and many more.
  • Same day settlement of funds (depending on the time of purchase)
  • No limits on daily, weekly & monthly transaction volume.
  • Signup Fee: $499.00. *Includes a $150.00 fully refundable deposit. The deposit is returned after 6 months of major incident-free service.
  • New Customer Account Onboarding: $0.84¢
  • Risk Verification: $0.75¢
  • Available Balance Verification: $0.75¢


Unbeatable Pricing 

When a brand new, first-time customer buys from your website our order tracking system performs an Account on-boarding (AO) and a Risk Verification (RV). A fee of $1.50¢ will be deducted from the total sale. A one-time processing fee of 3.25% is applied to the transaction.

Subsequent Transactions: Discount Rate Is No Longer Applied
When the same customer revisits your online store for future purchases, only the $0.75⊄ transaction fee will apply. In other words, once the customer is registered in the system, our payment processor will only charge the Available Balance Verification (ABV) per each transaction. We will re-verify their risk once every ninety (90) days or upon receiving an update to their bank account. This unique pricing structure makes Verde™ up to 300% less expensive compared to traditional credit card processing.

Installation Process

Verde™ also called or pay by bank-account-direct debit functions on a website after our basic eCheck platform is installed first. The basic eCheck service is typically activated within 24 hours of approval.

 Please allow 3-5 business days for Verde™ to be activated on your account. Once activated, you can utilize Verde™ through our ShopifyWooCommerce, and OpenCart shopping cart plugins!