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Instant Bank Direct Debit Payment Processing

Instant Bank Account Direct Debit (Verde). Let customers pay directly from their bank account.

Instant Bank Direct Debit

Instant bank account direct debit gives you the ability to sell ANY legal product or service from your website. Give your customers the option to pay right from their bank account for only 3.25% + $0.75¢ per transaction. No chargebacks. No risk.

More Secure Than Credit Card Acceptance

256-bit encryption bank-level security. No risk of consumer charge-backs. Safer, faster, and cheaper than credit card processing.

Mobile-friendly with Speedy Checkout

No need to waste time looking for a credit card or a checkbook. Online shoppers simply enter their bank portal username & password.

Say Goodbye To Credit Card Chargebacks

Transactions authenticated only after the buyer enters their shipping address details, a phone number, and logs into their personal bank portal via Username & Password known only to them.

Welcome to next generation e-Commerce security.

Zero Liability


At checkout, the buyer will identify their bank from a directory of over 3,000 US banks and credit unions. It’s the same interface you’d see if you were to log in to your own bank’s online portal. To reduce the risk of losing the sale, shoppers are never diverted from website checkout page.



The buyer will log into their bank’s secure online portal with the same User ID and password they’ve always used in the past. There is no need to enter a routing number or account number. This feature makes bank direct debit faster, more secure and easier to use than credit cards online.


The online shopper confirms the dollar amount of the purchase by and it’s done. The transaction is completed within seconds.

Funds settle in the merchant’s bank account the same day (or within 24 hours depending on the bank).


Cash-only merchants are strongly encouraged to use Bank Direct Debit (Verde). Why? Because you totally eliminate the risk of employees catching or transmitting coronavirus by using a cashless payment acceptance solution.

You also gain the ability to LEGALLY receive online payments under the condition that buyers may drive-through pick up their order with proof of ID and their MJJ card.

Same Day or 24 Hour Approval

100% in-house underwriting. No credit check. No mountains of paperwork needed.

Integrates With Most Popular Website-builders

WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, PrestaShop, 3dCart, Big Commerce, Magento, and many more.

Easy 'Click & Pay'

Online shoppers enter their bank account User ID & password, verify the amount of the purchase, and 'click-to-pay'.

Click the green box to test drive how Instant Bank Direct Debit works. Simply scroll to the center of the page and walk through the checkout process.

This is a Verde™ demo modeled after our customer facing checkout page.

Acceptable Products

Rates & Fees

Same Day or 24 Hour Approval
$ 30
Monthly Recurring Payment Gateway Fee
  • 3.25% + $0.75 cents per transaction
  • The $0.75 cent transaction fee only applies to customer's first purchase. No transaction fees apply to subsequent purchases made by by the same customer. This feature alone saves a merchant tens of thousands in transaction payment processing fees.
  • Integrates with over 170 popular website design builders
  • Same day settlement of funds (depending on the time of purchase)
  • Unlimited daily, weekly & monthly transaction volume
Payment industry journals report a historic increase in fraudulent consumer credit card chargebacks. Millions of consumers lost their job during the coronavirus pandemic. They're purchasing goods and services they cannot afford. April 2020.

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