Compliance Checklist & Guidelines

Supporting Documents

Immediately after completing your application for a merchant account, be sure to collect and upload all eleven (11) documents into a Google Drive folderor Dropbox folder. Email to us a hyperlink to your folder when completed.

    1. A Voided Check (from a business checking account where funds are to be deposited)
    2. 3 Months Most Recent Credit Card Processing Statements (unless the applicant is a new startup). If the applicant for service does not have prior merchant processing history the principal owner or co-owner must submit three months of personal bank statements.
    3. Articles of Incorporation or Organization. Partially completed Articles are not acceptable. *Also include a copy of the state-issued Business License.
    4. Operating Agreement (required for LLCs only). Or submit a copy of the By-Laws if the entity is a Corporation.
    5. IRS Letter of EIN (Employer Identification Number).
    6. Full List of All CBD products being sold. (Upload an Excel® spreadsheet or a .Word document if necessary.
    7. Certificates of Analysis (Lab Results) for all CBD related products sold.
    8. Proof of URL Domain Ownership (a receipt or similar document to verify ownership of the website)
    9. Proof of Address – where conducting business (front page copy of a Utility Bill or rent/lease agreement summary page)
    10. Copy of 3rd Party Fulfillment Agreement – if your products are shipped and delivered via a 3rd party.

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Website Compliance Guidelines

The target website must not contain any statements alleging health benefits of any kind from the use of hemp derived CBD. This is a federal mandate established by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission fully supported by the Food & Drug Administration.

All unsubstantiated health claims must be removed prior to submitting an application for a merchant account.

Must clarify the terms of conditions for receiving a refund, the method and time frame for delivery.

Must be published in the shopping cart or checkout page of the website.

Must be published on the individual product pages OR as a link in the footer section of the website.