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Supporting Documents for Merchant Account Approval

When submitting an application for a merchant account, you must compile and upload all of the documents shown below into a Google Drive folder or Dropbox folder. After uploading your documents to a hosted storage folder, email to us a hyperlink to your stored documents. Here’s a list of the items needed;

The seller’s website must not contain any unsubstantiated health benefit statements or claims touted alleged or guaranteed associated with the use of hemp or it’s derivatives; CBD. This is a federal mandate established by the Food and Drug Administration and supported by the Federal Trade Commission.

All unsubstantiated health claims MUST BE REMOVED prior to submitting an application for a merchant account.

  • Websites must be published and live at the time of submitting an application. *If the website is not yet “live” send us a link to gain Username and Password access for website inspection purposes.
  • Age Verification Gate – must be active.
  • All product ingredients must be published.
  • Independent laboratory issues Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for each batch of CBD product sold must be published on the website, preferably in the footer area as a COA batch database.

The following policy statements must be published on the website — and easy to locate.

    • Terms and Conditions of Use
    • Refund Policy (*must describe the conditions upon which a refund will be approved and the manner, the method and time frame in which funds will be returned to the buyer)
    • Returns Policy
    • Shipping Policy
    • Privacy Policy

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