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SILVER Plan: Social Media Advertising Campaign Management

This package covers YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
12 to 14 Automated Posts Per Month  (four each week). Our work includes custom video production of sixty-second clips with auto-response lead management. KJ ProWeb uses the top social media management automation tools in the performance of our work. Outsource your social media marketing tasks to a results-driven agency.

Monthly Rate: $2800.00. *  minimum six-month service agreement is required to ensure ROI objectives are achieved.



Price structure reflects a monthly recurring fee with length of service terms.
Deliverables Include;
  • Comprehensive audit of the Buyer’s current social media presence and all digital assets.
  • Artificial Intelligence-driven content creation tools are used to develop, test and publish ads.
  • Fully-automated posting and optimized bidding.
  • This package covers 12 to 14 automated posts per month; equal to four unique posts each week launched on all four social media platforms. 

  • Our work includes custom video production of sixty-second clips with auto-response lead management.

  • Identification of your target audience (geographic region, age, interests, income, etc.). Perfect Customer Profile Matching.
  • Document Specific Success Metrics & Goals
  • Craft a Social Media Marketing Strategy — and oversee the acquisition and integration of 3rd party tools
  • Name Ad Groups and Number of Ads Campaigns Per Group
  • Setup Automated Scheduling (Run-times)
  • Create Compelling Content
  • Optimize Landing Page with A/B split Testing
  • Profile High-value Keywords & Search Phrases
  • Deliver Daily & End-of-Week Performance Report
All advertising campaigns require a $1200.00 non-refundable deposit to cover the cost of; platform setup, proper structuring or restructuring of an existing SSM ad platform, integration of SMMs into a website along with the set up and launch of automation tools, and web analytics reporting services.
After setting up the various platforms and integrating all necessary tools, the established monthly recurring fee for this specific package must be paid no later than the first (1st) day of each month. *Minimum contract term is six months.