Sales Process Automation


Enjoy hands-free automation of sales and lead capture processes. No more hours and days lost trying to manually keep track of new orders, trying to remember which products have been shipped and what items are pending to ship. Sales process automation is the wave of the future.

KJ ProWeb will integrate a FunnelKit tool into your website. A FunnelKit automates every step in the lead capture and purchase journey.

*Post-purchase order fulfillment
*Shipment tracking notification emails sent to customers. No labor on your part.
*Abandoned cart email reminders (sent to customers on day 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 after they didn’t complete a purchase)
*Purchase anniversary ‘Thank You’ emails that also contain new product offers.
*Conditional Actions: Create rules to perform on an action. For example, based on a product or service entered into the Cart, or an order total — the Buyer is encouraged to take a particular action.
*Sense Of Urgency Timer: Show potential customers how much time they have remaining to buy now. Give new customers a discount only if they purchase before time expires.
*Your choice of 100’s of sales automation use cases at your fingertips.

*$5,500.00 one time installation fee; Includes customized parameters for up to 150 products and post-integration testing. *A monthly recurring fee of $39.95 per month.



Drive More Revenue with More
Useful Features

Onboard, engage, and nurture customers and leads. Set up no-stress automated campaigns that convert.

Unlimited Automations

No cap on the number of automations you can perform. Your imagination is the limit.

Conditional Branching

Create yes and no branches. Perform different actions when a condition gets met & when it doesn’t.

Integrated Analytics

View open, clickthrough rate, revenue made & more on the visual automation builder.

Deadline Coupon Codes

Set the personalized coupon codes to expire in a number of days or on a date to trigger urgency.

Personalization Merge Tags

Personalize your emails by using dynamic merge tags. Get higher click through rates.

Drag & Drop Email Builder

Build visually stunning emails by using content blocks for images, headings, descriptions etc.

Single Contact’s Journey

See timestamp for each node, whether a contact met a condition, their current status & more.

In-depth Analytics

From active contacts in an automation to orders place, email open/click rate- view all critical stats.


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