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Give website visitors the ability to shop and make payment with cryptocurrency, stablecoin, and all the other payment methods currently accepted.

  • Receive UNLIMITED DAILY, weekly or monthly transactions.
  • Sell to customers ANYWHERE on the planet with an Internet connection.
  • No restrictions on dollar value purchase amounts.
  • Merchants pay: 0.00% in Transaction Fees.

When a transaction is received, our system instantly converts a cryptocurrency payments into a secure stablecoin or a fiat currency of your choice.

Unlike cryptocurrency, stablecoin is pegged at a 1-to1 value equal to a US dollar or national currency. This unique feature eliminates volatility during the exchange and conversion process. This service is ideal for merchants who want to accept bitcoin/altcoins and cash out immediately.

Installation, Setup & Testing

Please allow one business day for site configuration setup and testing. Depending on the complexity of an eCommerce store, coding within the Checkout Page and unknowns, our developers may require up to 48 hours for completion of work.

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