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GOOGLE PAY | an affordable credit & debit card acceptance option 
We produced a dedicated webpage to explain how Google Pay works. 
  • When customers enter products into your shopping cart and prepare to buy — they will need to enter their full name, shipping and delivery address with za ip code, telephone number, and email address.
  • At checkout (when it’s time to pay) the buyer will be instructed to submit their order and pay now.
  • How Do They Pay? The buyer can pay while still on your website Order Confirmation Page by using their mobile device and Google Pay App (OR) by clicking the Google Pay QR Code.
  • That’s it. You’re done. No other labor is involved.

credit card capture form,Virtual Terminal and payment capture form,google pay for cbd products,Google Pay for CBD and Delta 8

If you wish to use Google Pay as a payment acceptance option, follow the instructions below:
It takes KJ Proweb approximately two hours of labor to integrate Google Pay into a website checkout page. Our cost for API coding and manual integration is $489.00
  1. Provide us your full website URL domain name. If you are using Shopify your website URL domain will end with [] 
  2. Send us the email address to login to your site: ________________________________
  3. For security purposes and for approximately three hours, temporarily change your password to: kjproweb123
  4. *Never share your real password. We ask you to temporarily change your password for a two hour period. This gives us the ability to complete the task.
After three hours feel free to reset or change your password back to what it was before our work.

Our customized credit card capture form seamlessly integrates into WooCommerce, Shopify, Big Commerce,, and GoDaddy.

[Sample credit card capture form shown below].