SKU : Google Pay & Digital Wallets at checkout

Google Pay at Checkout


KJ Proweb™ will produce a digital wallet enabled e-Commerce checkout experience in the seller’s website

Google Pay is an excellent Visa and MasterCard payment processing solution for merchant’s selling hemp flower and pre-rolls, CBD tinctures and edibles, kratom, bongs, pipes, and minor cannabinoids.

How The Process Works:
- During the checkout process, the buyer will enter their name, street address, zip code, city and state, email contact, and a telephone number.

A credit card number is not captured. It cannot be captured due to the Payment Policy of many website hosting services providers and legal aspects of CBD. As the buyer submits their order, instructions tell the buyer that a separate payment request will be sent to their email within 5 minutes.

Bonus Tools At No Additional Cost

Powerful Benefits Of Google Pay® & Digital Wallets
as eCommerce store checkout options

If your website store is hosted on Shopify or , Click here to see an actual DEMO Shopify store.

At no additional charge, we will automatically include more digital wallet payment options, if you desire to add them. 

    1. CashApp
    3. Venmo
    4. and Zelle.


Millions of people already use these services and trust them. Add them to your website store checkout page now.

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