Custom Payment Capture Link Integration


KJ ProWeb™ will integrate a Melio® generated hosted payment capture link into the checkout page on the buyer’s website.

Upon completion of work, online shoppers will be able to checkout and pay for goods or services by any major credit card, bank-issued debit card, or online ACH bank account debit.


Signing up for payment processing by Melio® is 100% free.

  • No SignUp fee.
  • No application.
  • No monthly recurring fees whatsoever.

KJ Proweb™ applies a one-time $289.00 fee to cover several hours of labor (API, HTML & JavaScript coding) required to integrate Melio® on the Buyer’s website. The buyer will need to provide KJ Proweb™ with Username and Password access to the website.

The Power Melio

Give your website visitors the opportunity to checkout and pay using any major credit card, a debit card or online ACH bank account debit. Sign up for to enjoy the ability to accept all forms of electronic payments.

By Publishing a KJPAY link on your website Buyers Can Choose How They Want To Pay Credit Card Debit Card or ACH

Some amazing features and benefits that come with Melio Payments.

  • When accepting credit cards as the seller, your cost is 2.9% of the total the sale amount with no transaction fees.
  • Customers can make payment through your hosted custom payment link by ACH bank account debit — for FREE.
  • Funds settle into your designated bank account within 24-to-48 hours after the sale –depending on how your customer paid.
  • Same day approval & activation.
  • No credit check required.
  • Must be an adult US citizen with a valid bank account.
  • No need to send in mountains of pre-approval paperwork.
  • No limit on daily or monthly transaction volume.


BONUS: Visitors to your website don’t need to sign up with Melio© to buy goods or services. 


Accept credit cards, bank-issued debit cards or ACH bank account transfer. Send email invoice payment requests

A Custom Melio Payment Capture Form Looks Like This

This is what a Melio Payment Request Looks Like