payment capture form,hosted credit card payment form,customized checkout page and payment form

Custom Payment Capture Form


Let website visitors pay using any major credit card, debit card of their choice; Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Code. This is achieved by using a Virtual Terminal to process and settle payments after a website visitor completes and online purchase. We also include the options to let customers use Google Pay, CashApp©, Zelle™, and Venmo™ at checkout.
Pricing for manual API coding:
  • 4 to 12 products: $489.00 total
  • 13 to 25 products: $1,100.00 total


If you are selling more than 25 products we strongly recommend migrating away from Shopify to a safer and more affordable platform than Shopify. Merchants selling high-risk products on Shopify face the constant risk of getting shut down. We can clone your entire Shopify website including up to 5,000 individual products with multiple variables and migrate it safely to a WordPress plus WooCommerce store for less than $800.00. The website hosting fees are only $9.95 per month for this service.

  • All captured customer payment data is encrypted and transmitted using TLS 1.2 SSL from the submitter’s browser through Shopify’s web servers. All customer card data is stored in a PCI-DSS Compliant payment gateway.
  • A one-time $489.00 fee covers web developer labor required to integrate API, HTML & JavaScript code into the Buyer’s website.


To start work, the Buyer must will provide KJ Proweb™ with Username and Password access to their website. Estimated timeframe for completion is 4 to 6 hours.


We install a custom built payment capture form into your website store. Your customers will have the freedom to choose to pay using any major credit card and popular digital wallets.

KJ ProWeb™ will create a secure credit card capture form and integrate the form into the checkout page of your website. At checkout, your customers will have the option to choose a payment method whether; Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover Card. Also included is the option to pay using digital wallets such as;

  • Google Pay©
  • Apple Pay
  • CashApp©
  • Zelle™
  • Venmo™

In 82% of all Americans over 21 years of age already have one or more digital wallets installed on their mobile device. We simply include digital wallets as payment options in a merchant’s online store. *If you sell more than 25 products through your eCommerce store, we strongly recommend migrating away from Shopify, or Squar eSpace if the products that you sell are considered ‘high-risk’.

BONUS: This package comes with a Virtual Terminal

payment capture form,hosted credit card payment form,customized checkout page and payment form