Affiliate Management Platform

The Most Powerful Affiliate Sales Agent Management Platform In The Industry

Affiliate Management Platform

Screenshot View of the Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliate Management Platform

Detailed metrics showing when an affiliate first signed up, who their referral agent or sponsor was, gross dollar amount of each sale generated, the amount of commission earned for all parties, and much more. *Commissions are paid out automatically with no manual labor on the part of the business owner.

Affiliate Management Platform

By logging into the Administrator section of the affiliate dashboard you can add, manage, edit or change over 30 unique features.

Affiliate Management Platform

Each affiliate sales rep can log into the website and access their unique account history. Our software allows for real-time order tracking, detailed review of all products sold with detail on the detail and buyer. The platform even shows web analytics traffic history, pre-made banner ads, flyers and much more.

Affiliate Management Platform

How Much Does It Cost To Install the App, Setup Customized Payouts, Launch & Manage an Affiliate Marketing Program?

Answer: Between $600.00 up to $5,000.00 depending on the platform and software you decide to use. On top of those basic setup cost be sure to include the expense of hiring someone to manage the platform for the life of your business. 

A more affordable and hassle-free option is to use an automated software program. 

KJ ProWeb’s affiliate sales management app includes all of the high-end management tools you’ll need at a lifetime investment of $1200.00. There are no monthly recurring fees and no network admin fees. 

Top Three Affiliates Sales Agent Programs

Most merchants join one (or more) affiliate marketing networks from which to recruit and manage. Keep in mind that joining as a merchant involves a setup fee in addition to ongoing transaction fees with minimums. There are quite a number of networks, but most are marginally effective when compared to the leaders:

  • CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) – Pros: large number of affiliates in network, high trust level, good tools; Cons: expensive to join ($5,000), high monthly sales minimum required to stay in the program
  • Rakuten (Linkshare) – Pros: large global network, solid reputation; Cons: expensive to join ($460.000 USD) plus 2% to 4% commission on every sale, plus a 1% affiliate fee (meaning Rakuten gets 1% of the gross paid out to every affiliate in addition to the fees mentioned above).
  • ShareASale – Pros: the best network for merchants, large US network, top reputation, lowest join fee and lowest transaction fees, easy to use; Cons – none.


ShareASale (a very popular affiliate sales marketing site) requires an Affiliate Network setup investment of $550. – That’s before you spend an additional $1,000 on technical integration, testing or development time before you actually launch the program.

ShareASale (example) 

  • $550 one-time network access fee (to join)
  • + $100 minimum deposit
  • + additional network fees on every affiliate commission paid out (For every $1 paid to your affiliates, ShareaSale will receive another $0.20 cents as their ongoing network fee).

Let’s take a careful look at your total cost of signing up for an Affiliate Marketing Program, plus the overlooked issue of cost per acquisition;

A typical sale of $80 with free shipping and $18 product cost might be:

Product Price: $80 with free shipping

  • less 10% coupon $8.00
  • less shipping (2 lbs Priority Mail) $7.50
  • less 30% affiliate commission $24.00
  • less ShareASale transaction fee $0.90 (equals $39.60)
  • less product cost $18.00? (this is just an example)
    equals order profit $21.60