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4 to 8 Page Website & eCommerce Store

Get a custom-built 4 to 8 page eCommerce store offering up between 10 up to 50 unique products or services. The site owner is free to add up to 9,999 more. KJ ProWeb™ handles all labor in setting up your first 50 products.

Your website is built using three powerful tools; WordPress plus WooCommerce and Elementor Pro© (agency version), the number#1 rated professional website builder in the industry.


custom built website,custom built website cost,top shopify partners,woocommerce website designer
custom built website,custom built website cost,top shopify partners,woocommerce website designer
custom built website,custom built website cost,top shopify partners,woocommerce website designer

Integration of Six Social Media Platforms with eCommerce Automation Tools

Branded social media profiles include; Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. *The site owner may recommend alternatives.

What are eCommerce automation tools?
Ecommerce automation is the software that helps your online store convert most or all of the manual, repetitive tasks into self-fulfilling, automated tasks. In other words, this helps you complete tasks automatically rather than doing them manually.

Included Tools & Add-ons

4 to 8 page website and eCommerce store featuring up on 50 unique products or services.

The preferred website builder used by KJ ProWeb is Elementor Pro (agency version). *A $999.00 retail value.

Elementor Pro is the #1 rated professional website builder in the world. The agency version comes with over 7,500 templates, easy to use drag-and-drop tools giving site owners the ability to visually create custom forms, launch blog post that can instantly propagate to a Google Business Profile (GBP) at the click of a button.

Manage a beautiful product store where each product or service can have its own variables. Embedded video content, social media feeds by simply cut-and-paste to publish.

Using our AI-driven software apps we help create SEO-friendly content to ensure that your website is found by Google algorithms and ranks prominently in the search engines.

softaculous install app wordpress magento joomla oscommerce zencart php drupl
softaculous install app wordpress magento joomla oscommerce zencart php drupl
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Unlimited monthly bandwidth / monthly traffic
  • 1000 email addresses.
  • 1000 email aliases.
  • Two URL Domain Names – one is FREE for the life of your hosting account with KJ ProWeb™
  • Free Rapid SSL Certificate
  • $119.40 per year *annual renewal

We strongly recommend using the ‘CloudFlare’ option in your control panel.

Why Use Cloudflare?

Along with built-in caching and the fact that Cloudflare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network), Cloudflare helps protect your site against brute-force attacks and threats against your website.

Cloudflare has the advantage of serving over 12 million websites and so can identify malicious bots and users more easily than any operating system firewall. If Cloudflare thinks you are suspicious, it can show a challenge which allows “normal” users to still access your site. These firewall and security measures are ever evolving and being developed, meaning every day your website is becoming more secure and protected.

Worldwide CDN

Along with the asset caching, Cloudflare has a worldwide Content Delivery Network. With this, your cached asset gets replicated across servers in over 200 cities worldwide. When your user requests an asset, rather than serve it from your server which is in one location, Cloudflare will serve up the asset from the nearest server, meaning your website loads fast all over the world, not just near the country your server is in.

When we put KJ behind Cloudflare our worldwide average total time for loading the homepage went from 2.261 seconds to 0.357 seconds. This was a combination of the CDN and the caching.

Advanced features

All of the features above come with the free (yes, free) Cloudflare account. If you decide to upgrade to Pro (or even Business), this unlocks a whole host of features including:

  • Image optimizations – serving images up in a next-gen image format if the user’s browser supports it (smaller, faster-loading images)
  • Next-gen delivery – You can enable HTTP/2, which optimises the speed and order the webpage loads (more about this on the Cloudflare blog)
  • More page rules – Page rules allow you to cache, redirect or do a multitude of other things to pages and urls before the user even reaches your server. With the free account you get 3, as you upgrade you unlock more of these
  • Better security – From the Pro package up, you get a more enhanced firewall


This package comes with a FREE  powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform and eCommerce automation apps.  Your choice from the top #4 best in class apps. 

When selling certain products and services online a payment processor will inspect a website looking for policy statements to protect both the store owner and buyer from economic risks. We create and publish the following;

  • Terms & Conditions of Use
  • Privacy Policy
  • Shipping Policy
  • Returns Policy
  • Refunds Policy, and FDA Disclaimer Statements (if federally regulated products are sold).

If your eCommerce business is in dire need of software to manage your inbound marketing process, then look no further than Hubspot. This tool comes with a wide range of features designed to be the one-stop suite for all things marketing as it helps you manage and analyze everything that has to do with content, social media, and email.

Hubspot is highly recommended for eCommerce brands struggling to attract visitors and turn them into paying customers. With a plethora of functionalities in a single software that allows you to take control of your marketing, it could be the catalyst you need to convert higher.

Why we recommend Hubspot

Hubspot prioritizes sales funnels in the entire marketing strategy and provides retailers with advanced features to manage the funnels. So if you run an eCommerce store, you have a great resource that allows you to analyze your strategy and improve it. Hubspot is a whole ecosystem of utilities that help you generate leads for your website. It also helps you with analytic reports that show you where you are making the most money (Facebook ads for example), so you can invest more on that channel.

Google Data Studio – for eCommerce reporting

Imagine how time-consuming it is to constantly report every day, week, and month. That translates into so many hours wasted coming up with different reports that mostly won’t get any attention in the end. Marketing managers constantly admit to how demanding reporting is in terms of resource allocation. Yet, this is the one activity that can’t be sidestepped because it is essential to marketing insights and accountability, both of which drive innovation. Due to the tedious nature of reporting, eCommerce automation tools like Google Data Studio are what smart marketers are turning to.

Who is Google Data Studio best for?

Google data studio is perfect for marketers looking to save time on reporting while getting access to the most critical business insights faster.

Watch this video demo

Why we recommend Google Data Studio

This is the one tool that reduces the risk of errors and saves time by streamlining the reporting process. What you have here is a fully automated solution that works with data in real-time. Google Data Studio integrates with Google Analytics and Google Ads, providing you with visualizations from these data sources, thereby obliterating the need for PowerPoint or Excel. It also comes with different connectors and integrates with any data source you can imagine. The fact that it is free to use makes it an insane addition to your eCommerce automation arsenal.


Viralpep is the best lifetime free alternative to Hootsuite for small businesses seeking agency-level capabilities.

The free plan let you integrate and manage LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and manage 20 social media posts every month. Plus, you get a URL shortener, GIFs, video support, options to schedule, and previews for links. The only drawback is that its plans only support post scheduling for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


If you are a small or mid-size business owner and need Hootsuite alternatives, Buffer could be your best bet. It is a cloud-based platform where you can schedule your social media posts, create a task for an entire team and assign work to them along with tracking the performance metric in real-time. Buffer supports Facebook, Instagram, Instagram stories, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


Metigy (Free Forever), another excellent social media automation tool.

Metigy is one of the best alternatives to Hootsuite designed by marketers for marketers, think of Metigy as your personal strategist. You can preview your social media posts and content over multiple social network platforms.

Get recommendations on how often you should publish, when to share, and what networks you need to be active on to reach your audience and objectives. And, you can boost posts and keep up with your ad campaigns directly in your calendar. Set objectives and make your budget go further with proven marketing strategies.

Get customized delivery and order fulfillment options with FenixCommerce. Leverage our AI-powered shipping and delivery platform to offer a superior order experience.
Offer shipping and pick-up options that are personalized based on customer location, inventory levels and location, product parameters, and carrier contracts.
Cut costs with real-time rate shopping
By dynamically generating shipping options in real time, the Order Experience Platform ensures you are picking the most cost effective services to get the order delivered by the promise date.

Increase conversion by displaying accurate delivery and pick-up information on Product Page, Cart, and Checkout

  • Improving end-to-end conversion on average of 17%
  • Reducing cart abandonment on average of 38%
  • Increasing shipping revenue on average of 51%
  • Reducing pre-sales inquiries by more than 75%

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress 

This powerful plugin offers a wealth of webpage and social media analytics reports and account management tools inside of one easy to use dashboard.

The website owner can retrieve real-time analytics and customized reports of; website visit sessions, organic searches statistics, individual page views, bounce rate analytics stats, locations, referrers sites, comprehensive keywords data, 404 errors analytics stats, traffic channels, social networks, traffic mediums, site visits by device categories, browsers, operating systems, screen resolutions, mobile brands analytics stats.

What’s the Google 3 Pack & Bing Webmaster Tools?

KJ ProWeb put together a package of essential SEO tools offered by Google and MSN Bing. These essential tools are a “MUST HAVE” for any online business serious about improving their organic search result listings on the major search engines.

*Google Local search optimization includes;

  • Google My Business (GMB) set up and launch
  • Google Search Console (set up and launch)
  • MSN Bing Local (set up and launch).


Individual Page SEO. Each individual primary website page shall contain appropriate Title Tags, Page Descriptions, Unique Keywords and Search Phrases.

Each product page will be submitted to search engine directories for indexing to maximize organic search engine rank visibility.

*2,500.00 value.

The Process of Getting Started

  1. Contact us with some ideas about your online business goals.
  2. A Scope of Work Service Agreement and Proposal will be provided with instructions to make payment.
  3. Provide us with product images, product and page description content and any other webpage content associated with your website.
  4. Once your website images and full content are sent to KJ Proweb and uploaded to our account, our team will proceed to work.
  5. KJ Proweb will help you plan your site structure, choose a theme to start design work.
  6. After your website project is finished, reviewed and approved by you — KJ Proweb will provide training on how to manage, edit and maintain your online store.

Completion Timetable

  • Provided that you, the buyer share with us all required product images and website content, KJ Proweb can begin work. Projects that are deemed suitable for this specific website package are completed within 7 to 10 business days. 
  • Weekends are not business days. The timing really depends on the Buyer’s speed in getting us content. 
  • *A fifty percent (50%) minimum deposit is required on all projects at $2,000 or more. Unsettled balances are due within five business days of completion.