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The proposal summary featured below is a description of services that the client can expect to receive from KJ Proweb. 


Task One

90 Minute Consultation & Interview

Prior to the start of post-audit SEO work to be performed on your digital properties, we meticulously evaluation, assess and audit your complete portfolio of digital assets. The objective to get a clear understanding of what has been done in the past and what needs to be done moving forward to achieve desired goals. After we’ve identified your site’s strengths, weaknesses and established a benchmark, we create a road-map that outlines what work will be done that will lead to organic SEO success.



Questions that must be answered prior to starting work:

  1. What are your primary reasons for having a website and social media presence?
  2. What are the organization’s online marketing objectives? In other words, is your goal to increase brand awareness online without actually capturing sales through an online store? Or is it to generate leads that can be followed up at a later date?
  3. Exactly what do you want your website to be able to do for you that it’s not doing right now?
  4. How well does your brand articulate it’s value proposition online? 
  5. How well does your website deliver a value proposition, then a call-to-action and finally, motivate a website visitor to buy?
  6. Do you currently have automated tools in place to successfully capture online leads and sales? Describe those tools and how they are used.
  7. How do you track, report and measure ‘conversions’?
  8. How well do you track-and-trace website visitors both new ones and repeat visitors?
  9. What are your top three to five online competitors doing right on their website that you feel you need to do much better?


Task Two 

Search Engine Rank Position Analysis 

  • Search engine rank position checker (current status)
  • SERP historic graphs
  • Perform a Domain Authority (DA) audit


Task Three

Competitive Intelligence Analysis

  • Get a full list of all relevant high visibility online competitors.
  • Perform search queries for your top #5 high visibility online ranking. Analyze that data for weaknesses and strengths.
  • Discover your competitor’s high performing keywords and how they are used.
  • Identify and capture valuable page content used by competitors. Consider using modified value propositions and call-to-action content for your own purposes.

Task Four

On-page SEO Audit

  • W3C markup validation testing 
  • URL Crawl, Indexability and Ping testing
  • Analyze H1 Page Titles. Your page titles are one of the most important SEO factors on your site.
  • Analyze H2 Meta Descriptions. Many people forget to include meta descriptions for their pages.
  • Setup the following accounts; Google Search Console, Google Analytics Google Lighthouse and Bing Webmaster Tools. *Activate and integrate the website into each tool. 
  • Perform a Keyword Density Analysis
  • Audit Image ALT Tags
  • Internal Linking Broken Link Checker
  • Employ the following:
    • Reciprocal Link Checker
    • Anchor Text Distribution Checker
  • XML Site Map Check & Inspection
    • Cross-browser compatibility testing
    • Google ‘Mobile-first’ compliance testing

Task Five

Off-page SEO 

  • Social medial activity and shares inclusive of back-links
  • Guest posting and blogging
  • Citation page links; Yelp.com, Google+, Wikipedia
  • We use several highly effective software programs to research back-links, find link-building opportunities. and discover potentially damaging links.


Task Six

Social Shares & Citations

  • Google My Business and Google Places listing
  • Yahoo and MSN Bing Local listing.
  • Video media content and digital media promotion
  • Optimization of map listings:  inclusive of listing verification via telephone as required by Google. Additional tasks include; Selection of appropriate business listing categories
  • Building inbound Links (From Local/City Websites)
  • Building and Increasing Google reviews and positive ratings.
  • Review Site Listings: Yelp.com, Urbanspoon, Zagat


Accumulation of lists of top citation directories for various countries and business niches to include; InfoPages, Super Pages, Yellow Pages, eLocal, WhoIs, Merchant Circle, Mojo Pages, Swarm, CitySearch, Trip Advisor, Cortana, YaSabe, FourSquare, Fixing issues such as Duplicate Listings, Merged Listings, Suspended Listings, etc.



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