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Chosen from among thousands of Google Engage Agency (Partners), KJ ProWeb is a 2014 top #100 rated ‘Best Small Digital Marketing Agencies’ in America.

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Many web developers build stunningly beautiful websites, but very few have the SEO technical knowledge to get a website ranked prominently ranked on major search engines.


On-page & Off-Page Optimization
Mobile-first Optimization

Overview of SEO Services

Comprehensive SEO Audits

Award-winning SEO Specialist, Kevin James, will perform a comprehensive search engine results page analysis and online competitive intelligence report. The objective is to identify our client’s top five most visible online competitors. The results of our findings will assist in producing an intelligent SEO strategy.

SEO Strategy Consultation & Conversion Mapping

The primary objective of our SEO work is to ensure that our client dominates organic search engine result listings in their target markets.

We are ever-mindful of the need to convert a high percentage of website visitors into customers.


Optimization of Images, Header Code & Micro Data

Optimization of website images, on-page title tags, H2 tags/page descriptions, site load-time analysis.

Keyword research, URL audits, identify and fix broken links, duplicate content, Schema mark-up, and more.

Deep Technical SEO

  • Edit on-page content to utilize high value keywords and popular search phrases used by the target audience.
  • Test, Modify URL structures (if necessary) and fix canonical tag flaws – for each individual primary web page (not child pages).
  • Produce and publish schema mark up  / structured data – *Requires access to the Google Search Console.
  • Change, repair or create H1 through H6 tags – for each individual website page, including product pages
  • Build internal + external links and produce anchor text for the same. *May require access to social media pages.
  • Address local SEO errors, and omissions.
  • Build out and optimize the Google My Business profile.
  • Repair ALT tag/image tag deficiencies and SEO flaws
  • Produce unique landing pages for conversion optimization purposes

On-Page SEO, Keyword Research & Link Integration

  • IP Canonicalization Testing & Validation – Your site’s IP Address must redirect to your site’s URL domain name. In circumstances where there are IP Address canonicalization  duplicate content problems may be detected by search engines when indexing a site.
  • Keyword Research and AnalysisUsing proprietary search engine analysis tools, competitive intelligence research, and cross-references against the most relevant search term used by web searchers — we’ll use the results of that data to develop the ideal set of keyword phrases to promote your website.
  • Link Popularity and Link Network Quality Consulting  – Many times a company‟s internal website networks make up some of the best link acquisition potential. With Your help, National Positions will help outline various link opportunities, which could greatly increase the overall rankings of your website. 
    Partner Linking
    Web partners, service providers, yours, and other web properties all have the ability to link to you. KJ ProWeb will work with you to determine which sites these are, and will help make contact with these firms through either phone or email. 

Manual Directory Submission Service

Directory Submission has been one of the most tried and true ways of getting your website exposed to the masses. It involves submitting your website to “yellow page like” sites so that users browsing those sites can find you when they look at a certain category. This method has been worked very well for our clients and has been recommended by Google itself until recently.

Every order comes with a report of the list of directories we submitted to, the time it was submitted, and the category we picked for that directory. We will open a new Gmail account so that you don’t get spammed and also click on all the confirmation links for the directories.

Post Implementation Reporting
Once a portion of our suggestions have been implemented on your site, we begin the actual reporting process. As ranking reports begin they will continue to run on a bi-monthly basis from the day of the month when the process began.

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