KJ Proweb™ is a full scope digital marketing agency responsible for the creation, launch, and management of online advertising campaigns for US national and global brands. We help our clients promote their products or services through social media platforms, press releases. search engine advertising, reciprocal links, mobile SMS text marketing, and email lists. 


Prior to launching Internet marketing campaigns, we first build intelligent, user-friendly websites on technical infrastructure that supports; product order tracking, inventory management, sales funnels, customer relationship management (CRM) databases, and web analytics reporting.

Here are a few samples of work performed for actual clients.


www.federatedlighting.com (Magento)  

– Founded in 1976, Federated Lighting is one of the industries’ most respected and trusted manufacturers’ representatives of architectural, commercial, industrial and residential lighting products and controls. Serving designers, developers, electrical contractors and electrical distributors from Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and the surrounding areas.


www.viewsonic.com/us/ (WordPress) – ViewSonic® Corp., a leading global provider of visual display products, computer monitors, projectors, accessories, virtual desktops, digital kiosks, billboards, and signage software.


www.cowshedonline.com  – A luxury spa selling award-winning bath, body and skincare products online.  


www.madrigalcreatives.com – an online seller of premium quality CBD products for humans and pets. (Shopify)


www.bannerharvest.com – a US-based leading hemp farm and national supplier of hemp flower, pre-rolls and premium quality full-spectrum CBD products (WordPress)


www.cbdremediesus.comA Lincoln, Nebraska-based multi-location retail store and online marketer of full-spectrum CBD products.

www.net10wireless.com  | www.ccrsport.com

www.theredpin.com | www.readywheels.com (Magento)

www.ninelineapparel.com | www.houseofshakti.com/catalog

www.the-shirt.com (Magento) | www.dagnedover.com

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

A CRM is a hosted ‘customer relationship management’ tool that gives you the ability to; review and analyze website traffic, handle customer inquiries, respond to bid/proposal requests, deal with trouble-tickets, manage an entire sales team or vendors and track online sales activity.

See actual examples of our CRM work 

See real-world examples of our Internet competitive intelligence studies, Search Engine Rank Position (SERP) reports, SEO analysis and actual proposals delivered to clients here; http://www.slideshare.net/KevinJames15/presentations/