KJ ProWeb™ is an authorized Independent Sales Organization representing eight of the most trusted US domestic high-risk payment processors in the industry.

We connect hemp and CBD sellers with America’s top-rated Merchant Service Providers. Our sponsoring manage over $200 million in monthly electronic payments businesses throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and abroad.

Get approved to sell delta-8 THC, hemp flower & pre-rolls, CBD edibles, vapes, e-cigarettes, and more. 

Website Transactions

Rates as low as 4.25% + $0.25 cents per transaction. Plus payment gateway fees.

Retail Storefronts

3.95% + $0.25 cents per transaction. *Dejavoo Z11 terminals @ $330.00 ea.

Mail Order & Telephone

Accept credit cards over the telephone, by email invoice, or Virtual Terminal.

Pricing & Features

Website Sales | Virtual Terminal

Retail Stores | Customer Present Transactions

Bank Underwriting Requirements

To avoid untimely delays in the approval process, make certain that your website contains all seven (7) policy pages. Federal Trade Commission guidelines strictly prohibit the publication of unsubstantiated medical claims relevant to the use of CBD products.


  1. The website must be ‘live’ and hold a valid SSL Certificate
  2. Returns Policy – must clarify terms and conditions for accepting returns.
  3. Refunds Policy – must describe the conditions upon which a refund will be approved, the method and time frame that funds will be received.
  4. Terms of Use Policy
  5. Privacy Policy
  6. Shipping & Delivery Policy
  7. FDA Disclaimer – preferably published in the footer section of your website.

NO unsubstantiated HEALTH BENEFIT claims

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)  Federal Trade Commission strictly prohibit marketing and advertising claims touting any health benefits derived from the use of CBD  products. 

Merchants seeking credit card processing must remove unsubstantiated health claims from their website.

This includes testimonials from products users alleging a cure, mitigation or relief from pain or an aliment.




published laboratory cERTIFICATES of analysis

The merchant must publish on the target website valid independent laboratory issued Certificates of Analysis (COAs)  for each batch of CBD product sold.

If hemp flower and pre-rolls are sold each product must hold a valid laboratory Certificate of Analysis.

Recommendation. As an industry best practice, publish a hyperlink in the footer section of the website leading to the COAs.





Submit The Following Documents

The underwriting team at our partner banks will need to review specific documents prior to the approval of your merchant account. The best way to prepare your documents for review is to:

Scan each document.
Give each document an appropriate name for easy identification.
Upload your documents to a DropBox folder or a Google Drive folder.

Certificate of Incorporation / Articles of Incorporation & Operating Agreement – if your business is a sole proprietorship submit a copy of your Doing-Business-As (DBA) registration paperwork.

  • Proof of Business with Business Address (Home or Business). 
  • Tax Permit of Business License

Proof of address can be verified by submitting a copy of a Lease agreement or Utility Bill.

Submit a copy of laboratory issued Certificates of Analysis (COA’s) for each batch of hemp flower, pre-roll or CBD sold on the website.

  • All COAs provided must match the end product in its final state that is being sold on the website; not just the CBD isolate used to make the products.  
  • Testing needs to be completed by approved and accredited third-party laboratory.  
  • COAs must show a full contaminant test was conducted, including Heavy Metals, Microbials, Pesticides, and Solvents (if applicable) for all products meant for human use. Not just THC levels. 

Submit a color copy of government issued personal identification of the owner and each person holding 25% ownership interest in the company. 

  • The bank statements must match the legal name of the applicant
  • If the applicant is a new business with no processing history, three months of Personal statements (summary pages) can be provided 
  • Will accept Square/Stripe Excel/CSV will be accepted  
  • Voided Check or Bank Letter - with the full account number & routing number and states the account is in Good Standing & Must be dated within last 30 days of submission. 

Submit a voided check to identify the account where funds shall be deposited. If you do not have a voided check a letter from your bank signed by a representative of your bank will do.


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SERVICE DISCLAIMER & LIABILITY WAIVER: Under no circumstances does the submission of an application for a merchant account, payment of bank imposed application fees (if any) or any other fees make up guaranteed approval of your merchant application. The ISO/sales agent shall not be held financially responsible nor liable for any costs, fees, business expenses or any losses if an application for a merchant account is declined.


Merchant/Applicant agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless KJ Proweb, its officers, directors, agents, employees, and suppliers from and against any lawsuit, claim, liability, loss, penalty or other expense (including attorneys’ fees and cost of defense) they may suffer or incur as a result of (i) a bank, ISO/MSPs inability to deliver merchant processing services as described in an Enrollment Application for Service. This indemnification and waiver of liability include, but is not limited to (ii) unforeseen actions by a federal government agency that may place hemp-derived CBD products into a high risk or ‘prohibited category by major card brands, thus making it impossible to receive traditional merchant processing for the same. If you, the merchant/applicant do not agree with nor accept this Indemnification and Waiver of Liability in its entirety, do not apply for service.