Status Update | June 27, 2019

There is a new policy in place at Shopify® that directly impacts CBD sellers using that platform.

As you can see from the screenshots of conversations we’ve had directly with Shopify staff, there is a new policy requiring that CBD sellers upgrade their hosting plan to Shopify Plus “if” they want to integrate API code into the Checkout page of their online store, thereby, edit or modify the Checkout Page of their online store to accept a credit card processing solution other than what Shopify offers.

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In other words, CBD sellers are being forced to pay for an upgrade to Shopify Plus. It’s important to understand that not one single Shopify approved payment processor is CBD-friendly. Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, Square and the many other Shopify Payments Partners will not allow the sale of CBD products through their platform.

If a merchant wants to choose a credit card processing solution other than what’s currently offered by Shopify, the integration process will involve placing API code into the Checkout Page or manual integration of the solution.

The price tag for an upgrade to Shopify Plus is $2,000.00 per month.

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The only workaround is to use an ‘Offline’ payment processing solution. Of course there are CBD sellers on Shopify still using Paypal, Stripe, Square and other platforms. They’re slipping under the radar so to speak. But it’s only a matter of time before they too are shut down.

KJ Proweb does have a workaround that allows us to bypass the temporary Shopify barrier. About two months ago I began setting up my portfolio of 300+ Shopify CBD sellers with a Google Pay Checkout solution. It works!

Here is a demo of how it works.