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Landing pages are website pages specifically optimized for campaigns such as pay per click, email marketing or more.

For example, with a pay-per-click campaign advertising something like ‘blue widgets,’ it’s very important that visitors get information specifically about ‘blue widgets’ immediately instead of being misdirected to your home page.

Landing Page Optimization
the science of
Converting Site Visitors Into Customers

Landing page optimization is the process of enhancing or improving each component of a landing page in order to increase conversions.

Instead of redesigning the entire page based on a hunch, our AI-powered tools and expert-led team optimized web pages based on the data.

A/B Split Testing
Multi-variate Testing


We create multiple versions of your landing pages to run A/B split test, split URL, or multivariate tests.

The goal of testing is to find out which version works for your visitors and why, with our advanced reporting, and fix leaks in your conversion funnel.

Our Landing Page Optimization Toolkit

Simply building an attractive website is not a client acquisition strategy. Landing pages are the single most important tool for increasing on-page conversions.


These six tools are the best-in-class.

    • Microsoft Clarity© –  is a free of cost user behavior analytics tool that helps website owners understand how users are interacting with a website by providing site usage statistics, session recordings, and heatmaps.


    • Clicktale – is an enterprise-level landing page and website optimization tool. Clicktale connects analytics metrics to actual customer behavior to help you understand why site visitors take certain actions. Clicktale combining the power of rich data, machine and human intelligence to deliver better outcomes.


    • Hotjar – is an intuitive, visual way to discover landing page metrics, consolidate analytics, understand actions, and map the journey of website visitors.


    • Optimizely – is a complete suite for digital commerce and content management analysis tools driven by AI technology. Optimizely is primarily used for A/B testing and multivariate testing tools. Optimizely equips digital marketing teams with a plethora of tools and insights needed to create and optimize landing pages for maximum performance.


    • CrazyEgg Crazy Egg offers extensive landing page optimization tools to help you better understand user behavior. A recording, for instance, lets you virtually look over someone’s shoulder as he or she navigates the page. Watch mouse movements, clicks, and more to see what captures their interest, what turns them off, and even see them entering information in form fields.
    • BuzzSumo – BuzzSumo is a free Chrome Extension that helps users track media mentions, find creative content ideas, and analyze content across social media platforms. It offers a variety of features, such as discovery research, monitoring, influencers API, and automated reporting tools, as well as a Chrome Extension for solo users. It also offers a monthly subscription with 20% cost savings and a Chrome Extension for solo users. Buzzsumo is the tool you are looking for when you are building the content strategy for your website.


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