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Credit Card Processing for Kratom Sellers Is Here. April 2022.

  • Accept Visa & MasterCard and debit card transactions through your website store.
  • No Application Fee. No Setup Fee.
  • Next-day Settlement of Funds
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Program features

before you buy kratom2

The FDIC-insured sponsoring bank associated this new program is an Acquiring bank, a member of MasterCard’s Interbank Card Association (ICA) and they own a ‘BIN’ (Bank Identification Number). 

Only licensed financial institutions, third party processors, and acquirers are members of the Interbank Card Association (ICA).

ICA members are allowed to acquire business in need of payment processing, oversee merchant activity and settle transactions in compliance with MasterCard rules. 

All of this verbiage simply means that you’re are dealing with a rock solid, FDIC-insured US domestic bank offering a service that requires no upfront investment on your part.

5.75% plus $0.30¢ per transaction with monthly recurring fees equal to $75.00 USD per month

  • More competitive pricing may be offered to established merchants with previous processing history excess of of $50,000 per month.
  • Monthly Service Fee: $35.00 (recurring)
  • Monthly Regulatory Compliance Monitoring: $25.00 (recurring)
  • Monthly Risk Monitoring Fee $15.00 (recurring) 
  • Monthly Minimum Sales Volume Requirement: $250.00 *Merchants must process not less than $5,000 in monthly gross revenue to avoid getting billed for $250.00).
  • *PCI Non-Compliance Fee: $29.99 *Only billed if a merchant does not complete the quarterly compliance questionnaire.

Rolling Reserve of 10% (for six months): Brand new kratom startups and kratom sellers with no previous merchant processing history merchants will have a ‘rolling reserve’ assigned to their account. The exact percentage (5% or 10%) is determined by bank underwriting on a case-by-case basis. If the merchant/applicant has a previous history with Square, Stripe or PayPal (etc.) we can request a waiver.

American Express – cannot be accepted by merchants selling THC-O, THC-V, or HHC products. Any merchant found using the term “THC” in their product description will have their merchant account immediately terminated (no exceptions). Merchants that wish to accept AMEX cannot market their Delta 8 or Delta 10 products as Delta 8 ”THC” or Delta 10 ”THC”. *Get rid of the term, THC.

American Express can be accepted by merchants selling legal hemp flower products. Flower products still must have a Certificate of Analysis reflecting THC content below 0.3%, including Delta 9 THC, THCA, and Total THC. If the flower products contains THC greater than 0.3% D9 THC, THCA, or Total THC that product cannot be sold at all on this program and must be removed from the website.

Rates & Fees

Full Disclosure

$ 75
*All inclusive grand total of monthly recurring fees.
  • 5.75% plus $0.30 cents per transaction.
  • No Application Fee
  • No Setup Fee
  • Seamless integrates into over 40+ Popular Website Builders

About Us

KJ Proweb™ is an authorized Independent Sales Organization (ISO) representing a California-based merchant services provider that holds credentials as an FDIC-insured financial institution with its own Banking Identification Number (BIN), Interbank Card Association (ICA) membership credentials with MasterCard™ and its own in-house underwriting team. 

Unique Capabilities

ICA members are allowed to acquire new business in need of payment processing services, board accounts, oversee merchant activity and settle transactions in compliance with MasterCard rules. 

The acquirer processor is the link between the merchant and the card networks. An acquirer processor authorizes transactions and receives transaction settlement information. They also create the database of payments, or system of record, that ultimately means everyone is paid.

 These unique capabilities allow us to underwrite, approve and provision merchants classified as “high-risk” in a manner that traditional payment processors lack the ability to support.

Financial Strength

Our principal payments technology partner was established in 2008 and is best known as the first company to offer credit card processing to the vaping industry. Our partner bank manages over $600MM in monthly transaction volume for more than 40,000 businesses throughout North America and holds a triple AAA rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We offer credit card, debit, ACH and Check-by-Web processing solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and in developing nations. 

Underwriting Requirements

  • Submit a signed Merchant Application together with a signed ‘Kratom Addendum’.
  • If selling hemp-derived CBD, hemp flower, and/or pre-rolls the applicant must sign and submit a ‘CBD Addendum’.
  • 3 months of bank statement (full, not partial statements) 3 months of merchant account/payment processing statements (if the applicant has previous processing history).
  • A copy of a voided check or bank letter.
  • Color copy of a Driver’s license, travel passport or valid government ID of the principal owners.
  • Submit a document or receipt showing proof of URL domain ownership. Copy of independent laboratory issued Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for all kratom and CBD products sold on the website.