Client: K-1 Global Holdings LTD.

K-1 Global, also known as, K-1 Fighting Entertainment Group (FEG) is the oldest and largest professional kickboxing event promotion organization in history.

Since 1993, K-1™  has delivered world-class professional kickboxing tournaments to standing room only crowds in 38 countries held in of the largest sports coliseums around the world.

K-1™ features only the most talented athletes in sport kickboxing, karate, and kung fu. Events are broadcast on the largest television networks in the world; ESPN Television, CBS Sports, Spike TV and HDNet in the United States, Fuji TV in Japan, Euro Sports and other networks across the globe. 

Our Role: Director of Digital Marketing & Global Communications

Kevin James – the principal responsible for directorial leadership in all aspects of content creation, development, publication and technical management of K-1 owned digital properties.

  • Search Engine Optimization – directed all aspects of SEO strategic planning and execution.
    • Competitive intelligence analysis, keyword and search phrase research, H1 through H6 tag integration, back-link/internal link management, site architecture, structure/layout and design. Content development, image Alt Text creation, XML sitemaps, structured data markup, and Google Search Console management and monitoring.
  • PPC & Social Media Advertising – principal responsible for a monthly digital advertising budget of $20,000.00.
    • Creation, publication and management of all social media content; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
    • Updated and managed all social media content utilizing automated tools.
  • Digital Marketing Toolkit Hoot Suite, Sprout Social, Social Oomph and
    • Oversight of the K-1 Pay-Per-View LiveStream Action Network. Conceived, developed and managed by Kevin James from the ground-up.
Major Accomplishments
  • Within the first 30 days of hire, Kevin James redesigned of the official website, fully integrated social media platforms into the website resulting in a 1,400% increase in online engagement.
  • On-page SEO and organic search engine marketing work led by Kevin James contributed to an 680% increase in online conversions at the point-of-sale within a 45 day time period.

This event poster was created by Kevin James for the 2013 K-1 World Grand Prix Final. This graphic piece was developed using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

In March of 2013, Kevin James created and launched K-1’s first even live-stream pay-per-view network. This was accomplished through the use Google’s G Suite Enterprise platform and live stream capabilities available on Google Hangouts. These services to allow up to 100,000 people to watch a live-stream event in view-only mode. 

K-1’s first ever live-stream pay-per-view broadcast was held in Zagreb, Croatia on March 13, 2013. The featured event attracted 46,336 pay-per-view buys with each customer paying $19.95 each to witness the tournament. K-1 generated $924,000 in online sales in a single day.

IMAGE #1: Google Analytics traffic report for the week of February 28th through March 15th of 2013.

Grew YouTube

subscriber base from 52,192 to 59 MILLION

*See the page five of the Search Engine Rank Position (SERP) report provided below.

Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaign Results

Results of a five (5) day social media advertising campaign.

  • Total Ad Spend: $5,800.00
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): 455,420 Impressions + 791,893 Impressions
  • Clicks: 9,140 + 54,158
  • Total Number of Sales: 46,322
  • Conversion Rate: 73% of visitors converted by purchasing event tickets at $19.95 per ticket.
  • Revenue Generated: $924,405.20 in a single day on a $7,377.00 investment.
  • Return-On-Investment: 43,000%


  • Project 1: Facebook Advertising Campaign
  • Task Order: A/B Split Test conducted over a five day period. Produce and run two separate advertising campaigns. Track and measure results of the same.
  • Total Ad Spend: $3577.00
  • KPIs: 847,307 Impressions
  • Total Clicks: 2251 Total Clicks
  • Conversion Rate: 50% of visitors converted to purchase event tickets priced at $19.95 per ticket.
  • Total Sales: 1,838 sales of the live-streamed PPV broadcast at $19.95 per ticket.
  • Revenue Generated: $36,668.10 on a $3577.00 investment.
  • Return On Investment: 1025% ROI

Second component of the A/B Split Test

  • Task Order: Track and measure results of a five-day advertising campaign
  • Total Ad Spend: $3,800.00
  • KPIs: 455,420 Impressions + 791,893 Impressions
  • Clicks: 9,140 + 54,158
  • Total Sales: 48,020
  • Conversion Rate: 73% of visitors converted to purchase event tickets at $19.95 per ticket.
  • Revenue Generated: $957,999.00 *In a single day on a  $7,377.00 investment.
  • Return-On-Investment: 43,000%

Return on Investment 43,000%

Sample of Video Production Work I

Sample of Video Production Work II