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A good place to start getting backlinks is high-quality directory websites. 

When looking for places to get new and trustworthy backlinks, ‬try and shoot for websites, web directories, and blogs that already rank for terms in your industry. ‬

By commenting in a forum, ‬getting a guest blog published, ‬or getting your business into a trustworthy listing, ‬you will slowly build trust and authority to your own site.

SEO backlink building using external websites

Let's Talk Backlink Strategy

Add at least 1 ‬new backlink to your primary website weekly. ‬

The payoff over time is worth it.

We strongly recommend adding at least 1 ‬new backlink to your site weekly. ‬ It takes about an hour a week to research websites and look at competitors backlinks and another hour or so to reach out to everyone with a solid backlink proposal.

For instance if you write good content about your industry send it to some blogs and see if they will make you a guest publisher. If you are trying to get into directories like 2findlocal.com, they have detailed directions.

‬It is important to remember that you want to build a good healthy ratio of backlinks by focusing on:

  • Comments on blogs.
  • Thoughtful participation in online forums.
  • Creating accounts on listing sites and creating a profile for your business.
  • Adding your website to national directories as well as local ones.
  • Reaching out to partners (suppliers, vendors, etc..) and seeing if they will link to your website.


Tip: Don’t be tempted to “trade” backlinks with other sites. This is considered reciprocal linking and highly discouraged by Google. Also, don’t buy packages of backlinks, this never works and does far more harm than good!

Steps to complete this task