How Blockchain Is Changing Payment Processing

Financially-minded innovators are creating solutions for countless unbanked dispensary owners. Combined, these developments represent the growing impact of blockchain technology in the world of legal cannabis.

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Coming in 2017: “Live” Blockchain Deployments Promise to Accelerate Payment Processing Services and Trade Finance

By Mike Faden

Though few blockchain-based payment services are yet available, that’s expected to change in 2017 as the investment that has poured into exploration of blockchain’s potential by banks, financial-technology startups and other companies yields fruit. According to a survey of 200 global banks published by the IBM Institute for Business Value and The Economist Intelligence Unit, 15 percent of banks expect to introduce full-scale commercial blockchain solutions in 2017, with “mass adopters” rapidly following suit – bringing the total to 65 percent of banks by 2020 (just three years).1 This post offers a roundup of many live and near-live blockchain payment processing solutions and trade finance deployments.