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What We Do

Brand Strategy Consultation

We help CEOs and marketing directors understand the importance of branding. What is branding? A brand is not a logo, nor a mission statement.

Branding boils down to crafting how you want the world to immediately perceive and feel about products, service or company.

A brand is your reputation. Let’s talk about it.


Reach your target audience and global customer base through targeted Social Media advertising. Outsource strategic marketing planning, execution, and campaign management to our team of experts.

Platforms we use include; YouTube, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of conversions from a website or mobile app.

It involves improving elements on a website landing page or app through A/B testing and multivariate testing.

The objective is to order increase conversions at checkout, reduce or eliminate abandoned cart rate losses, and boost sales.

Our AI-powered tools and team of experts accomplish these goals better than any company in the industry.

Social Media Marketing

We create, publish, and manage complex Google remarketing ads and social media marketing campaigns for national and global brands.

We know how to produce impressive returns on investment on the following platforms; Google Ads, MSN Bing, YouTube, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit.

Intelligent business owners understand that nothing is more important than being able to capture sales from customers quickly, without friction or barriers to success.

  • Accept all forms of electronic payments whether online, face-to-face, SMS text, or email invoice.
  • All major credit cards & debit cards
  • eChecks & ACH bank-to-bank transfer
  • Digital wallets: Apple Pay©, Google Pay©, Zelle©, Venmo© & CashApp©. 
  • 180+ cryptocurrencies & stable-coin.

Remove barriers to successful economic growth

Expect To See Digital Wallets & Open Banking Apps Become the Dominant eCommerce Payment Processing Solution

Google Pay, Zelle & CashApp

Google Pay®, Zelle & CashApp® are the perfect eCommerce store credit card acceptance solution for merchants who simply cannot get approved for a traditional merchant account.

When customers visit your website store wish to makep payment, they can pay be card, bank account debit, or any payment option featured on your store.

Download the app on Google Play store.

The only caveat to using Google Pay® is that your customer must have the Google Pay® app.

Emerchant Broker

EMerchant Broker (EMB), is widely regarded as the #1 rated high risk merchant payment processor in North America.

EMB™ supports merchants in a wide range of high-risk industry sectors.

KJ ProWeb is an approved premier partner of EMB. Our clients receive substantially discounted prices and access to services not sold by EMB employees.

Payment Cloud

Payment Cloud ™ for High Risk Merchants

Rated a top #5 best high-risk payment processors in the world and one of America’s “Fastest Growing Companies in 2022” according to Inc Magazine..

KJ ProWeb™ has teamed up with Payment Cloud.

We’re a white-label reseller offering the entire portfolio of solutions at substantially discounted prices.

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