Abbreviated List of Clients Served

K-1 Global (K-1 Kickboxing)  | Konica Minolta©  | Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)   | Servicemaster Clean Corp.  | Net10 Wireless | Coldwell Banker |  Remax Corporation 

…and many more

The document shown above is an actual 23-page Search Engine Rank Position Report (SERP) and Competitive Intelligence study produced for one of the largest furniture manufacturing companies in the United States.

KJ Proweb was subsequently hired by this client to manage all aspects of their digital presence and online marketing efforts. Versa Products Inc., is the parent company of five online brands with a monthly PPC and social media advertising budget in excess of $100,000.00.

Here is a proposal created by Kevin James aimed at helping a client develop a branded Facebook page and effectively advertising on social media platforms. The client is a California-based top distributor of Organo Gold©, one of the largest and fastest growing MLM/Direct Sales companies of the last twenty years. The proposal was accepted and successfully launched.

The document shown above is a Press Release created by KJ Proweb to promote a live mixed martial arts seminar featuring some of the biggest names in the UFC©.

Shown below is the Facebook ad copy produced by KJ Proweb for the event.

Featured above is a screenshot of a web analytics report highlighting KPIs and ROI data from a combined Facebook and YouTube advertising campaign where we assisted K-1 Global achieve remarkable online marketing results. K-1 Global is the largest professional kickboxing event promotion in the world.

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