Google Pay For Instant Online Payment

Google Pay®

The perfect credit card processing solution for sellers of hemp-flower, vapes, kratom and legal merchandise or services considered ‘high risk’.

KJ Proweb™ offers three different credit card acceptance solutions that can be activated today. Online shoppers will be able to make payment using any bank-issued debit card or credit card. Forget about ACH and eChecks. You can begin accepting credit card sales today.

Our checkout page API script is fully compatible with over 12 of the most popular website hosting platforms; WordPress+WooCommerce, Shopify,, BigCommerce, Magento, 3dCart. Godaddy and many more!

You are looking at an actual receipt and Order Confirmation number presented to a customer during checkout. To avoid breaking state law and major card brand rules, your customer is NOT allowed to enter their credit card number in the checkout page. A separate payment request and “Thank You” message must be sent from your Google Pay account. It takes less that two minutes to complete this task. All bank-issued debit cards and credit card are accepted with Google Pay.

How It Works

Our web developers create a seamless checkout experience inside of a website store whereby the shopper can do several things:

  • choose the merchandise they wish to purchase and add those products directly into a website shopping cart
  • receive an invoice to make payment using any major credit card or debit card
  • Make payment via a Google Pay invoice (emailed directly after purchase).

Important Notice: Shopify® and other proprietary website hosting platforms do not support credit card transactions involving the purchase of CBD, hemp flower, vapes, kratom and similar products via their platform. Merchants are beyond frustrated and tired of patiently waiting for a stable credit card processing solution. If you’re tired of hopelessly waiting, use Google Pay.


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What Happens At Checkout?

1. The shopper chooses the products they wish to purchase and will enter them into the Cart or Buy Now.

2. Your Cart – the shopper will be directed to the cart where they can see the products they wish to purchase and the price of those items.

3. Contact Information – the shopper must enter their full name, street address, city, state, zip code, and email address and telephone number.

4. After the customer enters their contact details, they will be directed towards the shipping page.

5. The shipping method and the price for shipping is automatically calculated.

6. Finally, the shopper is instructed to look for a separate email payment request sent from your Google Pay account. They are told to check their email shortly to make payment. They are told that their order will be shipped immediately after confirmation of payment.

7. Thank you! Your order is confirmed! The last message the shopper receives at checkout is a Thank You message and order confirmation number. Along with this thank you message the customer is again informed that a separate payment request will be sent to them from your Google Pay account.


How Google Pay Works

Google Pay can be activated into your website and launched within two hours. There are no transaction fees, no discount rates, nor monthly fees when using Google Pay. In fact, Google does not charge fees for receiving transactions from your customers. If you make a $200.00 sale, exactly $200.00 is transferred into your bank account with no incurred fees.

Next Steps

  • Visit — set up your account by entering a debit card. When customers pay their invoice, funds are deposited into the bank account associated with your debit card.

Within seconds after submitting an order, your customer receives an email confirmation of the purchase and so do you. Now, all you have to do is email your customer a request for payment from inside of your Google Pay account.

Funds are typically deposited into your bank account within seconds if the customer uses a bank-issued debit card. When a customer pays with a traditional credit card funds are deposited within 24 to 48 hours.

Using Google Pay as a manual checkout option complies with Shopify Payments Policy and other proprietary hosting platforms such as BigCommerce, 3dCart,, Weebly, and many others.