Can You Be Found on the Local Search Map?

Tens of thousands of mobile phone users, tablet owners and desktop PC’s within 20 miles of your shop or office are using  keyword search terms for the products or services that you sell.

How visible is your Local Search Profile?

If you haven’t built out and optimized your Google My Business local search profile then you’ve failed to take care of the single most important SEO responsibility.

Local search is the next online gold rush. Please allow this jaw-dropped truth to sink in good.

A whopping 78% of Internet searches are local related and include keywords aimed at finding a company within the local area. Lock that statistic in your head. (See Comscore reports).

Nearly all 96% of PC owners conduct local searches when considering a purchase in comparison to 81% of tablet owners who used those devices for local searches.

Local Search Marketing Results

Google algorithms are structured to boost local area businesses to the top of search result listings.

Wanna stand out from the crowd and get found?

Build a Google local profile. 

KJ Proweb builds powerful Google My Business profiles for companies eager to significantly to boost search engine visibility and catapult sales.

Our work includes full scope conversion optimization tracking inside of Google Analytics© to help you verifiy and quantify the results.

Prioritize and Manage Local Search

Google algorithms now give priority search engine ranking to businesses with a mobile-optimized website and a verified Google My Business profile. 

Local search is highly cost-effective, but also rather complex. Using it to acquire new clients effectively requires careful implementation and continual management. We can help make your local search efforts manageable.

What comes with our Local Search Marketing package?

Considering that Google is by far the largest search engine, KJ Proweb starts with Google Local Listing optimization and then expands out to place your online business profile in many local search directories.

Here’s a detailed list of specific tasks involved with getting your business prominent visibility for local online searches;

  • Google Map (Places) listing

  • Yahoo/Bing local listing

  • Geographic keyword research

  • Optimization of map listings:  inclusive of listing verification via telephone as required by Google

  • Selection of appropriate business listing categories

  • Building inbound Links (From Local/City Websites)

  • Building and Increasing Google reviews and positive ratings

Review Site Listings:, Urban Spoon, Zagat

  • Citation building: Accumulation of lists of top citation directories for various countries and business niches

  • InfoPages, Super Pages, Yellow Pages, eLocal

  • WhoIs, Merchant Circle, Mojo Pages, Swarm

  • CitySearch, Trip Advisor, Cortana, YaSabe, Four Square

  • Fixing issues such as Duplicate Listings, Merged Listings, Suspended Listings, etc.

  • Boosting brand awareness with videos, photos and more…

A Google My Business profile is an essential online marketing platform designed to help businesses get found in the maps and organic search results within your city and local geographic area.

Hire KJ Proweb build and develop your Google My Business profile and manage local SEO marketing.

Success Stories

See how Otis James in Nashville is finding his people using Google My Business.

See How Jackalope Brewing Co in Nashville is finding its people using Google My Business.

See how Faidley Seafood in Baltimore is finding its people and sea food lovers are finding Faidley Seafood thanks to Google My Business.