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We produce stunning, e-commerce-enabled websites bundled with SEO-rich keywords, the integration of branded social media profiles, and a customer relationship management (CRM) database. Get your website built using any Open Source CMS.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO involves on-page coding, off-page link building and promotion efforts aimed at making a web page easy to find, easy to crawl, while being ever mindful of the need to convert website visitors into customers.

In 2014, KJ Proweb established itself as a top #100 rated Best Small SEO & Digital Marketing agencies in North America. Find out more.

High Risk Payment Processing

KJ Proweb™ is a direct authorized independent sales organization (ISO) representing four U.S. domestic banks and six payment processors that support both traditional merchant accounts and the high-risk industry.


We offer Zero Cost Credit™, the biggest breakthrough to hit the credit card processing industry in more than 40 years.

When consumers visit your retail store or website and decide to pay with a credit card, ZeroCost Credit will identify if the card used is a debit card or credit card. There is no discount rate, fees or costs whatsoever to the merchant if a credit card is used. Those fees are passed on the card-holder.

Major utility companies, grocery store chains, government agencies, telecom firms and college universities have been doing this for years. Zero Cost Credit™ allows merchants to receive 100% of the amount of each sale. If a bank-issued debit card is used the cost to the merchant is 1.00% + $0.25 per transaction.


Want traditional credit card processing instead of Zero Cost Credit™? No problem. Through KJ Proweb™ you receive credit card pricing at 0.75 basis points over true interchange.

We boldly publish this price structure to offer full disclosure What is interchange pricing? It’s the rock-bottom fee that comes directly from the card networks with no mark-up whatsoever. In other words, these are the fees charged by companies like Visa and Mastercard.

Payment processors do not control these rates, and every merchant is required to pay the interchange. What this means is that you are receiving the absolute lowest credit card processing rates in the industry with a small mark-up of 0.75 basis point to cover the cost of delivering the service.