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Over $1.7 Billion Verified and Processed eChecks

Accept eChecks through your eCommerce store. There are millions of online shoppers who do not wish to pay by credit or debit card.  Give them a safe and affordable alternative — eChecks.

At checkout the buyer enters their bank account number and routing number. It’s that simple.

Once approved, you will be able to accept eCheck payments from your customers directly through your website store.

We have pre-built plugins allowing seamless integration into WooCommerce, Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, 3dCart/Shift4Shop, and many more.

Receive customers eCheck payments directly through your website, by email invoice, phone, or SMS Text.

Add a pay button to your website to accept payment for a single item in an express checkout process.

  • Website Store Checkout Page

  • Virtual Portal – Manually enter customer check payments through your Merchant Account portal

  • Email Invoices – Send an email invoice in seconds!

  • Accept eChecks over the telephone.

  • Payment Buttons – Create and add ‘PayNow’ buttons with already created html cut-and-paste links!

Otherwise known as RDC or Remote Deposit Capture, provides a quicker way of getting your funds to you. Through this process, we are able to scan your deposit directly into your checking account the same day it was processed!

Our next day funding option means we overnight your deposit to your bank’s processing center for deposit, with tracking provided every step of the way!

How Do eChecks Work?

eChecks work the same way as paper checks in that they transfer money from one entity to another. However, the payment is made through the Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Network. No paper changes hands, so it’s much faster and less expensive. 

Once an online customer selects the option to pay by echeck, they enter in their bank routing number and checking account number. The payment gateway for that merchant transmits the encrypted information to an electronic check acceptance service.

Here's How eChecks Looks & Functions On a Real Website

accept echecks and ACH payment processing ,accepting echecks payments,accept ach payments instantly,accept echecks for kratom
accept echecks and ACH payment processing ,accepting echecks payments,accept ach payments instantly,accept echecks for kratom

These services were created and developed to help merchants in ‘high-risk’ industry sectors. There are hundreds of ACH and eChecks services providers in North America, but less than a handful support  businesses in high-risk verticals. 


Same Day or Next Day Activation Guaranteed
$ 20
00 per month (recurring fee)
  • 2.90% + $0.20 cents per transaction
  • One-time deposit and setup/integration fee: $149.99. *Paid only after approval and issuance of a Merchant ID (MID).
  • 100% fully refundable security deposit of $99.00. Guaranteed refunded after six months of discrepency-free service.

With our secure gateway, you can accept eChecks directly through your website store, send out an email invoice, or capture payments and sales through your mobile device. The options are limitless.

Important Features

  • SAME DAY and NEXT DAY settlement of funds. for all of your transactions at ALL physical banks in the continental U.S.A.
  • Our Triple- Verification system eliminates the risk of fraud and charge-backs.
  • Include eChecks By Web as a payment option right alongside of credit cards, cryptocurrency, and any other payment method.

The Explosive Growth of eChecks & eDebit Bank-to-Bank Payments 

    • Two and a half years of COVID-19 imposed locked downs forced online sellers and consumers to adopt alternative payment methods other than credit cards. By late 2020, companies such as Zelle, Venmo, CashApp and eCheck acceptance online rose to the forefront.  
    • eChecks is more than a viable payment option, it’s the preferred payment method of millions.
    • In 2018, online ACH payments went up 14.2% to 5.9 billion transaction with a total value of $2.9 trillion in 2018 alone.
    • eChecks Security & Liability: Customer transactions are approved (within seconds) based the availability of funds in the customer’s bank account. This feature virtually eliminates consumer charge-backs. Furthermore, the displacement of liability from the merchant to the customer helps to reduce transaction fees.
    • High speed. Merchants don’t need to take a physical check to the bank, and our processing methodology comes with same-day or next-day settlement of funds.
    • Greater convenience. eChecks are available to anyone and represent a familiar way to settle a payment. Unlimited transaction amounts and settlements.
    • Large dollar value transactions are gladly accepted.  There’s also no limit on the monetary amount of an eCheck. In fact, the U.S. Treasury has chosen eChecks as the only means of making a large transaction over the internet. This makes eChecks perfect for online stores that sell highly priced items.
    • Merchants that need to accept large single transactions in values of $5,000, $100,000 and up to $2+ million USD — eCheck acceptance by Green Money® is the perfect solution.

Compatible with most popular website builders

accept echecks and ACH payment processing ,accepting echecks payments,accept ach payments instantly,accept echecks for kratom