How Does It Work?
Exactly Like Zelle©, Cash App & Venmo

1. At checkout and when it’s time to pay, the buyer is shown their secure bank account login portal (while still on the website checkout page). It’s the same interface you’d see if you were to log in to your own bank’s online portal. 

2. The buyer will log into their bank account with the same username and password they’ve always used in the past. They do not type in a bank account routing number, or account details. This security feature makes bank-to-bank direct debit much safer and faster than credit card transactions.

3. The online shopper’s bank will send an SMS text message to the customer to authenticate the transaction before it’s approved.

After the buyer confirms of the text, the sale is finalized and settlement of funds occurs.

Direct Debit eCommerce Payment Processing

Credit cards are not involved in bank-to-bank direct debit transactions. This means, a business owner can tell the truth about what they sell on a merchant application.

Feel free to boldly sell cannabis (perfect for dispensaries and cash-only shops). Sell hemp flower, pre-rolls, CBD, kratom, peptides, kava kava, glass, bongs, paraphernalia, and legal product or service.

Perfect Solution For
High-Risk Merchants

  • Head Shops & Dispensaries (Sell online)
  • Hemp Flower & Hemp Pre-rolls
  • CBD Ingestibles & Topicals
  • Kratom Powder
  • Kava Kava
  • Bongs, Glass & Paraphernalia
  • MLM Direct Sales | Adult Content & More!

Pricing & Integration

  • 3.95% for online eCommerce transactions
  • 2.95% for Business-to-business transactions
  • Payment Gateway Auth. fee: $0.20 cents per transaction 
  • Bank Transaction fee: $0.20 cents per transaction
  • Next-Day Settlement of Funds
  • Unlimited Daily Receive Limits

One time Set-up and Integration fee: $489.00 (charged once the account is fully set up and integrated with your website). Sign up today and get activated in 2 to 3 days. 

COVID19 and social distance present new health risks
for cash-only businesses.

Let customers pay online using bank-to-bank direct debit.

impenetrable Security

Direct debit payments are safer, faster, and more secure than credit card transactions.
A shopper’s bank account and routing number details are never typed into the website.

eliminate charge backs

With millions of Americans laid off or out of work due to COVID19, many shoppers cannot afford the merchandise they're attempting to purchase. Credit card purchase charge-backs and friendly-fraud) cases are hitting an all-time high. Direct debit eliminates the risk of charge-backs and friendly fraud.

Faster & more efficient

Online shoppers do not need their bank account number or routing number in hand to complete the purchase. The buyer identifies their bank from the list and logs in with their username and password. Transactions are completed in less than 60 seconds. Nothing is faster, safer, and more convenient.


Online direct debit payment processing involves a bank-to-bank transfer of money. There are no middlemen between the seller and the buyer. We simply provide the payment gateway. Got questions about a transaction? Contact your bank.