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Are you interested in driving tens of thousands of  perfect-fit customers to your online store with Google Ads© or social media marketing campaigns?

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Consider the fact that 61% of online advertising spend is wasted. Eliminate the guesswork. Avoid making mistakes and wasting precious time and resources.

Your first commitment to your own success. Get a comprehensive PPC audit. Not a ‘freebie’ giveaway, but a deep dive PCC audit that comes a price quote and a detailed blueprint on how to do the job right.

Get a comprehensive PPC audit and price quote quote from our expert digital advertising team. You’ll discover how KJ ProWeb™ can help your business grow with the best possible return on your investment.

Top 10 digital marketing agency

The Path Forward

In our initial meeting we will request permission to analyze and audit your existing advertising campaigns. 

Next, we present a written proposal that clearly identifies specific areas in need of improvement. For example;

  • Was the Google Ads© account properly linked to a business email address or a free Gmail account?
  • Is conversion tracking set up on all pages of the website including individual product pages?
  • Has your Google Ads account been properly linked to Google Analytics?
  • Are your social media profiles linked to Google Analytics?
  • Are your ad campaign settings set correctly? This is done by activating Google provided FREE tools that help advertisers achieve specific goals?
  • What bidding strategies are employed?
  • Are the individual ad campaigns properly linked to the appropriate Ad Groups?
  • How are the following used: Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs), Ad extensions, Promotion extensions, Shopping campaigns, Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA), Display remarketing campaigns?

Answering these basic questions are small part of Phase One.

You’ll be pleased to know that KJ ProWeb™ has invested in next generation AI-driven content development software, paid search advertising project management tools  to ensure that we achieve ROI objectives.

Our Success Blueprint, Strategy

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to prove itself as an invaluable tool PPC campaign management and planning.

KJ ProWeb™ uses several proprietary AI tools that give us the ability to achieve more in one day compared to what an agency of 25 people can do in an entire month.

PPC Automation

Instead of spending countless hours, days, or weeks on manual tasks such as keyword research, A/B split testing, landing page analysis, content development, and web analytics reporting — a software program (plugin), app or script is used instead.

Create Multiple Unique Ads A/B Split Testing

Improve your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) by creating a variety of advertisements and see which ones get the most impressions, clicks.

Continue to use what works by doing some A/B split testing and multivariate testing.  Generally speaking, the bigger the ad portfolio, the greater the performance. 

Sort Your Ad Campaigns Into Ad Groups

Once you identify the platform for your PPC campaign, take the keywords and arrange them into unique Ad Groups.

Then, identify the search terms linked to each Ad Group and customize them so that the ad will appear when anyone includes the words in their search query.

For instance, you can use the Modified Broad Match feature instead of using two keywords that look alike and have a high search volume. As such, if your company sells sports jerseys, you can include words like “football jerseys,” “customized football jerseys,” “sports jerseys for everyone,” and many other terms

Filter out low-performing keywords

The top-performing phrases are easy to focus on when analyzing the performance of your PPC campaign, but what about the low-performing keywords?

These under-performing keywords contribute nothing to your campaign: they waste your ad spend and generate no conversions, so why keep them active? Look for terms that aren’t producing impressions because they’ll be one of the leading causes of ad budget waste. Remember that if a keyword isn’t generating impressions (even if the campaign is fully optimized), it means that no one is searching for that term in your pool. 

Google Ads Observation Mode

Using audiences in observation mode when targeting keywords in Google Ads is one technique to increase the performance of your PPC ads. 

After a few weeks of running audiences in observation mode, you’ll be able to discover which ones are the most successful. 

The budget can then be transferred to high-performing audiences, which will improve the account’s overall performance.

Optimize PPC Campaigns for Multiple Devices

It’s self-evident, that despite the increasing convergence of experiences across platforms and devices, user behavior remains, for the most part, quite distinct. It’s not just about screen size and resolution; it’s also about context and why we use one device rather than another.

Knowing our consumers and customers and how they are converted, it is improbable that one gadget will outperform the other. 

However, because numbers never lie, it’s simple to see and adapt our strategy by increasing or decreasing the weight of our bids

Audit Keywords Regularly

Always monitor and update keywords for the sake of campaign optimization. Keywords are the maps that direct customers to your website. 

Determine the relevance of each keyword according to the season, current trends, and adapt to the changing interests of your target audience.

Remember that the more relevant the keywords that you use, the more likely your bid will be successful in making conversions. 

Conduct regular keyword audits depending on the need; either you do it quarterly or monthly. What is important is your get into the mindset of your target audience.

But a word of caution, do not use your SEO keyword research in your PPC campaigns and instead use PPC-specific keyword research. This way, you won’t miss out on impressions, clicks, and, most importantly, conversions.

Lastly, stick to your budget by prioritizing spending on your best-performing keywords without paying more than necessary.

Employ The Right Bidding Strategy

Accept the bidding option that best fits your marketing targets and business goals.

This is an essential point that helps the system concentrate on the modifications, actions, or activities you prefer. The campaign is developed and provides better performance.

Create compelling ad copy

The effectiveness of your campaign is largely determined by the ad copy you use. As a result, focus all of your efforts on creating compelling advertisements. Here are some simple pointers on how to make great PPC ads:

  • Because you have a character constraint, you must produce persuasive ad text while remaining under the character limit. Your ad text should express your unique selling proposition (USP) and why customers select you above your competition.
  • Make every effort to be as effective as conventional. As previously said, make sure that all of your advertising is aligned with their appropriate landing pages and keywords.
  • Make headlines that will catch people’s attention.
  • Don’t forget to include a strong call to action.
  • Consider utilizing terms like “instant,” “hurry,” “exclusive,” “free,” “today only,” and others.

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