Denver Health

You are looking at pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns managed by KJ Proweb. Time and time again we’ve been able to help our clients achieve 800% up to 40,000% return-on-investment for each advertising dollar spent.


  • Client Name: Denver Health & Hospital Authority
  • Role: Senior Digital Marketing Specialist; SEO, PPC, Web Development & Public Relations (Independent Contractor)
  • Timeframe: July 2018 to present

The Senior Marketing and Public Relations Manager is a core, hands-on and strategic leadership position. As a member of a ten-person team, Kevin James is responsible for the strategy development and delivery of Denver Health’s online digital content, specifically; on-page and off-page SEO, technical SEO, paid search engine advertising (text ads, display ads, and remarketing), landing page optimization, online reputation management, and lead generation for all audience segments.

Duties & Common Tasks

  • Website design and re-design utilizing Sitecore™. The website URL;
  • Research, testing, and integration of individual page keywords, title tags, H1 through H6 tags, meta-tags, image ALT tags, XML sitemap, mobile-friendly and local visibility optimization.
  • Audit and repair HTML code, internal links, site structure/crawl depth, and broken links.
    Google Adwords ad campaign development, ad creation, publication, monitoring, and web analytics reporting.
  • Optimizes ad campaigns through A/B split testing and multivariate testing strategies, including landing page optimization.
  • Collaborates with other in-house teams to exchange and share data relevant web analytics, KPI’s, conversion metrics, marketing strategic planning.

KJ Proweb reduced the hospital’s overall cost-per-click (CPC) ad campaign spend by 41.42% while boosting website traffic, actual clicks on ads, and increased conversions by 877%

Kevin James reduced the hospital’s cost-per-click expense by 41.42% while increasing website traffic and actual clicks on ads by 877%.

Proof of client account management access and responsibility.

Outstanding Achievements
I was given an opportunity to oversee the management of Google Adwords campaigns for Denver Health. The results of my work after two weeks of accepting responsibility for the management of Google AdWords were as follows;

  • Successfully ranked for the number #1 position on the front page of Google for all selected keywords and search phrases.
  • The click-through-rate (CTR) and actual ‘clicks’ on our ads catapulted by 877%.
  • Reduced my client’s cost-per-click by 41.42%.
  • These three significant accomplishments occurred within in the first two weeks of taking charge of Denver Health’s Adwords campaigns.

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