Credit Card Processing for Cannabis Related Businesses (CRB's), Marijuana Related Businesses (MRB's) & Online Sellers of Kratom, Delta-8 THC, and CBD Products

Meet the first and only global credit card processing solution that allows customers to make payment using a Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card on your website store or in a retail store environment.

  • When shopping online, a website visitor places their products in the shopping cart and makes payment using a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. *American Express is not yet available.
  • The customer is actually purchasing a digital crypto-token (virtual token service) which makes the transaction legal in all 50 US states. 
  • Within seconds, that digital token is automatically converted into $US dollars for fast settlement into the merchant’s bank account.
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Kratom, Medical Marijiana (MMJ), Marijuana Seed & Industrial Hemp Seed
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Delta-8 THC, CBD Oils & Topical Rubs, CBD-infused Edibles, CBD Bath Bombs & Salts

How It Works

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Website visitors make payment at checkout using a Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card. *American Express not accepted at this time.

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During the checkout process, the customer is actually purchasing a crypto-token. Within seconds, the token is automatically converted into US dollars, allowing settlement of funds within 24 hours.

Our bank-end payment facilitators utilize an emerging payment processing technology developed by Visa and MasterCard referred to as  Virtual Token Service coupled with our own crypto-conversion process. 

  1. A virtual token is a digital representation of monetary value that can be digitally traded and functions as a medium of exchange, unit of account, or stored value. 
  2. By substituting credit card numbers with digital tokens, VTS enables more secure digital payment experiences for millions of customers worldwide.
  3. The credit card holders is actually purchasing a Virtual Secure Token  during the checkout experience. Within seconds of making a purchase, that Virtual Secure Token is converted into US dollars for fast settlement into the merchant’s bank account.

Is It Legal?

This unique process accomplishes several goals;

  • Virtual Tokenization meets all AML/BSA and FinCen requirements such as KYC (know your customer) and KYCC (know your customers’ customer) mandates.
  • Eliminates credit card fraud.
  • Protects the merchant from the charge-backs.

· Crypto-to-fiat currency settlement allows for unprecedented speed in cash settlements to merchants, thus giving merchants financial liquidity needed to grow their business faster, especially when working with international suppliers,
factories and drop-ship partners.

Virtual Token Service (VTS)

International Accounts Gladly Accepted

 Virtual Token Service (VTS) is a new payment method that replaces sensitive debit or credit card data with a unique identification code called a ‘token,’ which is used during a digital transaction. Online transactions are therefore more secure, faster, and more efficient because the customer’s actual card data no longer needs to be provided.

  • A token represents a credit card number.
  • Tokenization converts a credit card number to a string of random characters that have no value.
  • When an online shopper makes a purchase using their Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card — a virtual token is created within seconds.
  • The payment processor converts the token-based transaction into fiat currency US dollars for settlement into the merchant’s bank account. 
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In a nutshell, Virtual Token Service replaces sensitive account holder details with a unique and temporary token for online, in-store and in-app purchases. VTS encrypts and protects cardholder data, merchants and issuers alike.

Rates & Fees

Website / eCommerce Sales

    • 7.99% plus a $0.35¢ transaction fee.

Retail Storefront Sales

  • 7.99% plus a $1.50¢ transaction fee.

$29.00 monthly support fee

Load Fee: Avg $2.00 to $3.00

Approval Time: Two Days

Funds must settle into a USA domestic bank.

  • Must be on WooCommerce+WordPress.
  • 24-hour settlement of funds.
  • Unlimited daily, weekly, and monthly processing volume.
  • No rolling reserve hold on funds.
  • International merchants gladly accepted.

Acceptable Products: Delta-8 THC, Kratom, Hemp Flower, Pre-rolls, Seed,
CRB's & MRB's, CBD & Paraphernalia

Ecommerce / Online Sales

Supported In Over 200 Countries

Required Documentation Checklist

Applications WILL NOT be processed until all required documents are submitted.

  1. Completed and signed merchant application & FinCEN Beneficial Owner Form
  2. Corporate Documents and Information:
    • Articles of Incorporation/LLC Agreement/Partnership Agreement
    • List of Directors & Majority Shareholders including address, occupation, contact details, percentage of ownership, etc.
    • Notarized/stamped copy of fictitious name statement or copy of notice/proof of publication if applicable – For Cannabis/MMJ
    • Business License
    • Bank Letter confirming corporate account & corporate printed voided check
    • Most recent 6 months company credit card processing statements (if applicable) or Startup Business Plan
    • EIN/SS4 Form 
    • Utility bill for company showing physical address (must match address on  bank account), if different from business documents If address does not match the bank account provide explanation
    • 3 month’s of business and/or personal bank statements will be required for start-ups. 
  3. Verification:
    1. Owner(s) valid travel passport, driver’s license or government issued ID – (full color photo) 
    2. Owner utility bill confirming owner’s address (within 2 months), if different from photo ID
    3. Authorized Signer(s) valid passport or US driver’s license or government issued ID  (must contain photo)
    4. Owner and Authorized Signer(s) Social Security number
    5. Proof of Bank Account (Bank Letter or Bank Statement within the last 90 days. Screenshots NOT accepted.)
    6. Proof of Domain Ownership
  4. Corporate Terms & Conditions: Required Cannabis/MMJ 
    1. List of states in which company operates
    2. Licenses for states in which company operates
    3. List of prohibited states in which the customer is not allowed to conduct business
  5. Product Documentation: 
    1. COA’s from the manufacturer they buy their Kratom from
  6. BR Forms: 
    1. Third-party Authorization and Release form.

Got questions? Call our sales and support team at (818) 850-1034