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Choose a payment processing solution
that works best for you.

save up to 50 percent and more by kj proweb

Website Owners Using Shopify Can
Save 50% and More On Credit Card Processing Fees!

Shopify’s users can now save 50% and more on credit card processing fees. Increase profits by hundreds or thousands of dollars each month for the life of your account with Shopify. And, there's no need to do anything differently.

- Seamless integration of service into your Shopify store.
- No external plugins or apps needed.
- No application fee or sign-up fee required.

Credit Card Processing
for Merchants Selling
CBD & Delta 8/9

Enjoy the absolute best rates in the industry coupled with essential back-office management tools. Sell online, from any mobile device or tablet, by email invoice and recurring billing. 

Unbeatable rates as low as 2.99% + $0.25¢ per transaction.


Hemp flower, delta 8 and vape merchant accounts by KJ ProWeb
cbd and kratom

Credit Card Processing for Merchants Selling
Hemp Flower, Pre-rolls, Pipes & Bongs

The new program introduced in 2022 is perfect for merchants selling;

  • CBD oils, topical rubs and gels
  • CBD-infused gummies and snacks
  • Bath bombs and salts
  • CBD vapes and equipment
  • Delta 8/9. *Must contain not greater than 0.30% THC by weight volume. 

Sign up for a traditional merchant account

There are no hidden terms and conditions of use and no gimmicks. True zero-cost (reverse fee) payment processing earned U.S. Supreme Court approval in 2013.

The value proposition is simple. Merchants pay 0.0% and no transaction fees whatsoever when customers pay by credit card. 

When customers pay by debit card the merchant pays 1% + $0.25 cents per transaction.

EMB logo

Emerchant Broker (EMB)

*As low as 2.99% + $0.25 cents per transaction
Payment Gateway Fees *$0.00 Monthly Fee
*$50.00 Monthly Minimum Fee (Waived and offset by gateway transaction fees, for example – If you accrue $5.00 in fees, then your monthly minimum will drop to $45.00 for a total of $50.00 for that month. If you accrue $55.00 in fees, your monthly minimum will be met for the month and will not apply to that billing period).

*0.60% of Sales Volume + $0.10 Per Transaction

payment cloud logo

Payment Cloud is widely regarded as one of the top three high-risk payment processors in North America.

Payment Cloud supports merchants in more than 60 different industry sectors; cannabis dispensaries, adult entertainment, airline & travel, MLM/direct marketing, and more.

cbd and kratom

Merchant Account for Kratom
...and High THC Content Delta-8

Visa & MasterCard regulations prohibit credit card acceptance when selling federally regulated products such as kratom, CBD or delta-8 products with THC content greater than 0.30%.

We have the only 100% legal credit & debit card solution for merchants in the USA

greenmoney 2

Accept eChecks Directly Through Your Website

Capture payments any way you want. Through a website payment capture form, by telephone or email invoice.

Let website visitors make payment by eCheck or a digital wallet. These services can be integrated directly into your eCommerce store.

At checkout the buyer enters their bank account number and routing number.

crypto currency logos

Cryptocurrency Merchant Account

Let customers make payment by cryptocurrency if that is their preferred payment method. Our platform automatically converts crypto into a fiat currency (USD) and settles funds into the bank account of your choice..

Crypto-to-Fiat Currency Conversion is the ideal payment capture solution for cannabis dispensaries, kratom sellers, high THC content Delta-8/9 sellers, and other verticals.

link example img
Give your customers the seamless, mobile-first payment experience they want. Let them checkout and make payment directly from their bank account. Merchants save you thousands by avoiding credit card processing fees and buyers get speed, security and convenience.

Instant Bank-to-Bank Direct Debit (Verde™)

Instant Bank Direct Debit (also known as Verde™) is the perfect online payment acceptance solution for sellers of federally regulated products such as kratom, Delta-8, and services considered 'high-risk'.

Verde™ works by letting customers to login to their personal bank account at checkout. The buyer will locate their personal bank from a directory of more than 3,000 US domestic banks and credit unions --- from A-to-Z.

Finally, the buyer will simply log into their bank account with their User ID and Password (as they have done many times in the past), verify the exact amount of the sale (click yes) and that's it. The transaction is completed. Funds settle into the merchants bank account within a few hours or the very next day. *Credit card networks are not involved.


The powerful and affordable electronic payment capture solution in the industry, yet the least understood.

A virtual terminal is a hosted web-based payment capture solution that gives merchants the ability to accept major credit cards and bank-issued debit cards. 

Orders are accepted through a custom-built website payment capture form, by telephone, or by mail order. When using a Virtual Terminal a credit card swipe machine is not involved.

virtual terminal demo site


  • 3.75% + $0.10 cents per transaction. 
  • You receive a FREE two-month trial of this service. 
  • If you want to use the premium version after the two-month trial period a monthly fee of $14.95 will apply. 
  • If you wish to use the standard version there is no monthly fee at all.

Velocity Virtual Terminal by North American Bancard
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pci compliant checkout

1. The buyer’s credit card information is safely stored inside the seller’s website dashboard to ensure PCI compliance.
2. Simply log into your website store dashboard (WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.) to retrieve customer credit card information.
3. Finally, log into your separate Virtual Terminal to process the sale.

Sign Up For Our Virtual Terminal

A virtual terminal gives you the ability to manually enter your customer’s credit card information into your Virtual Terminal and process the sale.

Mail order and telephone order driven companies use virtual terminals everyday. Our Virtual Terminal plan has no application fee, no setup fees, no monthly statement fees, nor gateway fees.

The Basic Plan charges a rate of 3.75% + $0.10¢ per transaction and a monthly payment gateway fee of *$14.95 (waived for a two month free trial period).

Our Virtual Terminal Includes a Custom Payment Capture Form

Here's Why You Need a Custom-Built Website Checkout Page

Top SaaS eCommerce companies include Shopify, Big Commerce, and Volusion. SaaS is an acronym for a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription model.

Saas providers reserve the right to terminate accounts at-will if in they feel a user is violating terms and conditions of use.
To reduce the risk of getting your SaaS account terminated, particularly if you are selling federally regulated products --- you should have a stand alone customer checkout page and payment capture form.

KJ ProWeb™ will produce a secure checkout page and credit card capture form. Online shoppers will be able to safely choose a method of payment, enter the credit or debit card number, expiration date, the CVV code (found on the back of the card), shipping address, and personal contact details.

checkout form by kjproweb
Click To Purchase a Custom Checkout Page & Virtual Terminal. $489.00

About Us

KJ Proweb™ is an authorized Independent Sales Organization (ISO) representing eight of the largest and most trusted Merchant Services Providers (MSPs) and payment processors in the world.

Our primary payments technology partner is a California-based merchant services provider that holds credentials as an FDIC-insured financial institution with its own Banking Identification Number (BIN), Interbank Card Association (ICA) membership credentials with MasterCard™ and its own in-house underwriting team. 

Financial Strength

Our principal payments technology partner was established in 2008 and is best known as the first company to offer credit card processing to the vaping industry. Our partner bank manages over $600MM in monthly transaction volume for more than 40,000 businesses throughout North America and holds a triple AAA rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We offer credit card, debit, ACH and Check-by-Web processing solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and in developing nations.