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KJ Proweb™ is an authorized Independent Sales Organization and premier partner representing eight of the largest banks, Merchant Services Providers (MSPs), and fintechs in the world.

No matter what type of business you operate, KJ Proweb™ makes finding the right payment processor easier than ever.

Electronic Payment Processing Solutions

credit cards

Traditional Merchant Account

Perfect for retail stores, eCommerce websites, home-based businesses, and traditional businesses of any type.
Merchants fees are 0% percent when customers pay by credit card and 1.0% + $0.25 cents per transaction on debit card.
*Not applicable for high-risk products and services.


Enterprise Account / Corporate with Multi-locations

Mult-location offices and retail store chains with 2 up to 9,99 locations. Pay 0% when customers pay by credit card and 1.0% + $0.25 cents per transaction on debit card.
*Not applicable for high-risk products and services.


Delta-8/9 THC
Hemp Flower
Pre-Rolls (Smoke) & CBD

Sign up now to receive unbeatable credit card processing rates, state-of-the-art swipe terminals (if needed), a virtual terminal, and no limits on daily, weekly or monthly transaction volume. As an authorized ISO and premium partner for the largest CBD, Delta-8, and hemp-friendly merchant services provider in North America, we offer pricing of 3.95% + $0.30 cents per transaction.
*A separate payment gateway and monthly recurring fees do apply.

cbd and kratom

Merchant Account for Kratom
...and High TCH content CBD & Delta-8

Visa & MasterCard regulations prohibit credit card acceptance if selling kratom, CBD and delta-8 products with THC content greater than 0.30%. Here is the best alternative to credit cards.

greenmoney 2

Accept eChecks
Through Your Website Store, by Telephone
or Email Invoice

Accept eChecks through your eCommerce store as a primary or alternative payment method. At checkout the buyer enters their bank account number and routing number.

payment cloud logo

Payment Cloud is widely regarded as one of the top three high-risk payment processors in North America. Payment Cloud supports merchants in more than 60 different industry sectors. *Cannabis dispensaries, adult entertainment, airline & travel, MLM/direct marketing, and more.

crypto currency logos

Cryptocurrency Merchant Account

Get paid in fiat currency (USD) after customers pay using any cryptocurrency of choice. Perfect for cannabis dispensaries, kratom sellers, MLM and more.

Let Customers Pay Online & Directly from their Bank Account.

link example img
Sell cannabis, Delta 8/9, hemp flower, kratom, and paraphernalia.

Instant Bank Direct Debit (Verde™)

Instant Bank Direct Debit (also known as Verde™) is the perfect online payment acceptance solution for sellers of medical marijuana (cannabis), kratom, Delta 8/9, high THC content products, and recreational MMJ paraphernalia. Yes, even high THC content products are allowed.

Verde™ works by letting customers to login to their personal bank account at checkout without being redirected away from the merchant's website checkout page. The buyer will locate their personal bank from a directory of more than 3,000 US domestic banks and credit unions --- from A-to-Z.

Finally, the buyer will simply log into their bank account with their User ID and Password (as they have done many times in the past), verify the exact amount of the sale (click yes) and that's it. The transaction is completed. Funds settle into the merchants bank account within a few hours or the very next day. *Credit card networks are not involved.

A virtual terminal is a hosted web-based payment capture solution that gives merchants the ability to accept major credit cards and bank-issued debit cards. 

Orders are accepted through a custom-built website payment capture form, by telephone, or by mail order. When using a Virtual Terminal a credit card swipe machine is not involved.

virtual terminal demo site


  • 3.75% + $0.10 cents per transaction. 
  • You receive a FREE two-month trial of this service. 
  • If you want to use the premium version after the two-month trial period a monthly fee of $14.95 will apply. 
  • If you wish to use the standard version there is no monthly fee at all.

Velocity Virtual Terminal by North American Bancard
Click Image To Buy Now

pci compliant checkout

1. The buyer’s credit card information is safely stored inside the seller’s website dashboard to ensure PCI compliance.
2. Simply log into your website store dashboard (WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.) to retrieve customer credit card information.
3. Finally, log into your separate Virtual Terminal to process the sale.

Sign Up For Our Virtual Terminal

A virtual terminal gives you the ability to manually enter your customer’s credit card information into your Virtual Terminal and process the sale.

Mail order and telephone order driven companies use virtual terminals everyday. Our Virtual Terminal plan has no application fee, no setup fees, no monthly statement fees, nor gateway fees.

The Basic Plan charges a rate of 3.75% + $0.10¢ per transaction and a monthly payment gateway fee of *$14.95 (waived for a two month free trial period).

With Your Virtual Terminal Get a Custom Designed Checkout Page

Why You Need a Custom Checkout Page and payment capture form

Top SaaS eCommerce companies include Shopify, Big Commerce, and Volusion. SaaS is an acronym for a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription model.

Saas providers reserve the right to terminate accounts at-will if in they feel a user is violating terms and conditions of use.
To reduce the risk of getting your SaaS account terminated, particularly if you are selling federally regulated products --- you should have a stand alone customer checkout page and payment capture form.

KJ ProWeb™ will produce a secure checkout page and credit card capture form. Online shoppers will be able to safely choose a method of payment, enter the credit or debit card number, expiration date, the CVV code (found on the back of the card), shipping address, and personal contact details.

checkout form by kjproweb
Click To Purchase a Custom Checkout Page & Virtual Terminal. $489.00
EMB logo

Emerchant Broker (EMB)

*3.95% + $0.25 cents per transaction *$19.95 Monthly Service Fee *$14.95 PCI Monthly Fee *$10.95 Online Monthly Access Fee *$75.00 Monthly Minimum Sales Volume Requirement (not a recurring fee) *$100 Annual Service Renewal Fee

Payment Gateway Fees
*$0.00 Monthly Fee
*$50.00 Monthly Minimum Fee (Waived and offset by gateway transaction fees, for example – If you accrue $5.00 in fees, then your monthly minimum will drop to $45.00 for a total of $50.00 for that month. If you accrue $55.00 in fees, your monthly minimum will be met for the month and will not apply to that billing period).

*0.60% of Sales Volume + $0.10 Per Transaction

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