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KJ ProWeb™ is an authorized independent sales organization (ISO) representing six of the largest, financial stable, and most trusted Merchant Service Providers (MSP) in North America.

Our primary service provider holds a triple-A-rated with the Better Business Bureau and manages over $400 million in monthly electronic payments for tens of thousands of businesses in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

A unique benefit received as a client of KJ Proweb is deeply discounted wholesale pricing.  We offer flat rate tiered pricing when appropriate and unbeatable Interchange Plus Pricing (ICP) in most instances.

When customers pay by credit card (whether online or at your retail store) you keep every penny earned on the earned sale. In other words, the processor will not deduct a penny from the revenue generated. The effective rates are: 0.00% + $0.00 cents per transaction. 

When a customer pays by debit card, your cost is only 1.00% + $0.25 cents when a debit card is used.


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When a customer is ready to checkout (when online) and pay, they are shown the online banking portal of their own bank. The buyer will login into their bank with their User ID and Password (as they have done many times in the past). They verify the exact amount of the sale (click yes) and that’s it. The transaction is completed. (Credit card networks are not involved)

Bank direct debit works very similar to like Zelle or Venmo, only faster, more secure and no risk of chargebacks.

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Are you selling CBD oils, topical rubs, CBD isolate powder, CBD-infused gummies, hemp flower, pre-rolls, vapes or eCigarettes?

KJ ProWeb™ is an authorized direct ISO representing five of the largest payment processors supporting the needs of merchants selling federally regulated products.

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“…dispute volumes have increased anywhere between 10% and 50% compared to pre-COVID levels.”

Unprecedented Spike In Credit Card Charge-backs Against Merchants. Jaw-dropped 25% Increase In Credit Card Chargebacks.

Mom-and-pop shops left holding bag in consumer card disputes

Article excerpt reads, “As the pandemic worsened, chargebacks climbed by about 25% compared with a year ago, according to Chargebacks911, which helps retailers manage disputes.”–

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