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CBD Payment Processing (Topical Rubs Only)

Get Approved & Activated within 48 Hours

CBD-infused Topicals, Lotions & Creams.
*No CBD Edibles permitted*

Get Approved & Activated within 48 hours

On September 1, 2020; KJ ProWeb™ introduced credit card processing for online sellers of CBD-infused topical rubs, pain relief gels, lotions and creams. (No edibles). 

Service is provisioned by North American Bancard Holdings (NAB), the nation’s sixth-largest independent acquirer, operating its own in-house underwriting team. NAB does not consider hemp-derived CBD topicals high risk merchandise. 

  • Over 1300 Employees
  • 100,000++ satisfied customers.
  • Managing $45 billion in electronic transactions each year.
  • No Application Fee.
  • No Setup Fee.
  • Pricing: 3.50% + $0.25¢ per transaction.
  • Payment gateway:  $20.00 per month
  • No ‘Rolling Reserve’ Hold On Funds

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