Merchant’s using Zero Cost Credit™ pay a discount rate of 0.00% and no transaction fees when a customer pay by credit card.

When a customer chooses to pay using a bank-issued debit card, our proprietary software automatically determines the type of card used (whether online or in-person) and charges a 1.00% discount rate plus $0.25 cents per transaction. It’s that simple. There no other fees or costs whatsoever.

Zero Cost Credit™ is the fastest growing payment processing solution in North America. Join the revolution. Stop needlessly paying bank-imposed fees and costs to accept credit cards when you don’t have to.

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Zero Cost Credit™

No fee, zero-cost credit card processing is not slogan nor a sales pitch. The revolutionary technology has completely disrupted traditional payment processing industry.

Zero-Cost Credit™ empowers businesses with the ability to accept all major credit cards from customers without paying bank-imposed discount rates or transaction fees.

Fees passed to the cardholder

Until recent years, only large grocery store chains, public utility companies, cell phone carriers, college universities, and government municipalities were allowed to pass on credit card transaction fees to the cardholder.

Today, customers are given a freedom of choice at checkout. They can pay by credit card and absorb the nominal 3.5% fee or choose to pay by 'debit card' to enjoy the no fee option. It's that simple.

- The seller keeps 100% of every credit card sale. When a $159.00 sale is made, exactly $159.00 is deposited in the seller's bank account.

- Customers can always choose debit as a no-fee option.

- The process is 100% compliant with all credit card brand surcharging rules.

How It Works

Sell from any environment --- inside of a retail store, eCommerce website, a mobile device, tablet, send out an electronic invoice, or use your computer as a Virtual Terminal.

There are no fees whatsoever when accepting a credit card. Debit card sales are processed at 1% + $0.25 cents per transaction.

New Supreme Court Law

In January of 2013, a historic Supreme Court case ruling granted to merchants a freedom of choice. The seller can pass on the transaction fees associated with purchase to the cardholder at the point-of-sale.

No application fee
No monthly recurring fee
No annual fee
No PCI compliance fees
No address verification fees
No hidden fees

Service is available in 48 US states with availability in more states under additional terms of use.

Zero Cost Credit© is the perfect alternative to costly services such as Paypal, Square®, Stripe, Intuit, and others.

The future of electronic payment processing is here now. No more fees.

Zero Cost Credit™ works by passing along the credit card transaction fee to the cardholder at the point-of-sale.

An interesting fact not known to the general public is that major grocery store chains all over America, public utility companies, cell phone carriers, college universities, and government municipalities have been passing on their bank-imposed credit card processing fees to the cardholder for many years.

The fees are so insignificant and small that consumers never give it a second thought.

Over 22,000 merchants use Zero Cost Credit and not one single user wants to switch back to traditional payment processing.

Today, you can sign up for Zero Cost Credit and experience the amazing benefits as some of the largest companies in North America.

  • No sign up fee.
  • No long-term contract required. 
  • The merchant keeps 100% of every credit card sale.
  • How do you benefit? If you sell $355.10 in product, exactly $355.10 is deposited into your bank account.

The perfect alternative to costly traditional credit card processing.  No application fee. Get activated within 24 to 48 hours.

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